Monday, March 2, 2015

Sushi Mitsuya Lunch

I've had the pleasure of dining at Sushi Mitsuya quite a few times since they first opened. Having lunch there  is really exciting as I always get to try new fish that I've never had before. Usually, I'll try to go during different seasons, so that I can try different kinds of fish. I usually go for the Ichie (entry level lunch set at about $70) because I'm feel too poor to indulge in anything else, and eating lunch there is an indulgence by itself already... Being the last minute person I am, I tried to book lunch on the day itself and to my horror it was nearly full! Managed to snag the last lunch seats there. Whew!

 Vegetables marinated in tofu and sesame sauce
 Short goldfish memory - can't remember what this was if I'm not wrong it's pickled sardine?
 Sea goby
 Scallop with black salt
 Baby snapper - it's called Hime Kodai in Japanese
Bland tasting whitefish
 Glass fish - I thought this was really interesting - it's similar to the baby fish that we usual fry in the egg, slightly slimy and a bit crunchy (I'm guessing the crunch comes from the skull or eyeballs here) and lightly marinated. I liked the way that it was moulded into a little mound on top of the sushi rice.
 Big prawn that has been marinated in egg yolk and vinegar - just noticed for the first time that they slice it into two if you're female and leave it as a whole if you're male (sneakily peeping at what other people around me are eating hehe)
 I think this was Aji (but I'm not too sure, I didn't write it down and can't remember now!:/)
 Akame (lean tuna) which was lightly brushed with sauce
 Their signature Osaka style bo sea eel  sushi
Light clear broth to end the meal
 6 pieces of assorted maki - with pickles and cucumber
 Dessert was red bean cake and pomelo
The lunch will not make you feel uncomfortably full - most of the time if I'm not exceptionally famished, this will leave me feeling about 80% full (which is supposed to be the correct level of fullness) but since lunches are rare, I usually fill the extra 20% of stomach space with dessert.

Of course, dessert is Tsujiri at the nearby 100am mall.

You can check out my other posts where I got to try different kinds of fish :
Barachirashi set lunch
4th November 2013
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Hmm I actually went a few more times in between then and now but I think I was too lazy to blog... Can't remember what I ate anymore T-T

Sushi Mitsuya
60 Tras Street
#01-10 Singapore 078999
Tel 64382608
*Do call for reservations as seating is limited

Thursday, February 26, 2015


Comnam is the sister restaurant of Namnam. Namnam at Raffles City had a ridiculously long queue so we decided to give Comnam a try. Dishes are quite affordably priced and the mains were around $10. 
We got some starters to share - including a refreshing salad, grilled pork belly with corn (of which I liked the corn better) and some sticky rice based dish (bottom right) which I cannot remember what it is... not very memorable I think.
 The main dishes are rice based - the rice used here is broken rice, which supposedly absorbs up the gravy and sauces better than normal rice. I'm not a big fan of rice unless it's sushi rice, so I wasn't particularly impressed with my main of grilled pork with broken rice.
Generally, from the assortment of mains we ordered (4 different) we came to a conclusion that the fried ones tasted the best...  It reminds me a bit too much of cai fan so I'm not a fan, but I suppose that if you're looking for a not very crowded place to eat at, this should do the trick.

Raffles City
252 North Bridge Road
Singapore 179103

Tuesday, February 24, 2015


As much as I hate being unadventurous and boring, I do quite like Poulet for it's accessibility, affordability and acceptable food. 
 I really like their signature salad (about $10) which is very refreshing and lightly dressed, so much so that we had to order a second one to share cos it wasn't enough...
 The truffle mashed potatoes were awesome but then the consistency makes me really worried that there may be a 1:1 ratio of potatoes to butter.
 Since this was about 2 months ago too, it was Christmas and we decided to try their apple sauce chicken wings, which were quite unmemorable. I think there was some promo so we got it...
 And of course, their chicken, which was tender and nicely roasted. Hasn't disappointed me and I've tried it about 3-4x since they opened. Just too lazy to blog about it heh.
Poulet didn't have their awesome banana crumble that they used to have - so we adjourned to St Marcs cafe for some delicious parfaits - I wouldn't recommend the strawberry parfait cos it was way too sweet and only had frozen strawberries... but the Kyoto delight which I usually have (in the background) is really delicious especially with the Warabi mochi pieces that I really love and the roasted soybean flour. Mmmmm

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Immanuel French Kitchen and Two Wings

I'm a big fan of cheap and good food - especially if it's not in some far flung inaccessible place. Immanuel French Kitchen was on my food radar for the longest time, but then somehow I never went there. Till about 2 months ago (yes this is superbly outdated).
 The chicken liver pate with port wine ($7.90) was rich and creamy, and went fabulously with the warm crusty bread.

The pan fried foie gras ($16.50) may look a bit unusual, but it tastes great - prior to this I've never eaten foie gras in broth. Surprisingly it goes really well with the dash broth and daikon.
The escargots ($12.90) were also delicious - can't go wrong with ordering escargots in a French place right?
Fried frog legs with shallots and parsley ($12.60) - it was a bit disappointing for me cos I found the other starters better than the frog legs - perhaps it was also because we ordered chicken wings (see below) from another store so it was a bit of an overkill.
 The pork belly ($16.50) was a crowd pleaser - served with onset egg, duxelle mushrooms and potato foam. Melt in the mouth pork belly with creamy potato foam and delicious oozing onsen egg. Plus the crouton bits for the extra crunch. I think this would have cost me double the price from some fancy restaurant.
 Duck leg confit ($16.50) which was moist and tasty, but since duck confit isn't my fave dish - possibly biased cos I saw some cooking show and they cook it in pure duck fat >.< The mash potatoes were so awesome - I think we contemplated getting an extra mashed potato side but then we had too much food already...
 We also went to try the famous Two Wings, which supposedly has the best chicken wings in Singapore. I was waylaid by their awesome heaping cheese fries. But not a good idea to eat so much rich food in one seating... I will try to space it out the next time...
 The wings didn't disappoint- slightly larger than the scrawny ones that you get in most places... The skin was very crispy and evenly cooked. I'm not a big fan of chicken wings either so I didn't think it was spectacular, just that if you're in the area and love chicken wings, it would be a good place to go to.
Finished off the day with more good oils - and did a taste test of 2 of the more famous avocado milkshakes - I do think that the store beside Mr Avocado has the better milkshake (more creamy, less sweet) but then if there was a queue, I'll just go to whichever is shorter...

Immanuel French Kitchen and Two Wings can be found in a coffeeshop
119 Bukit Merah Lane 1
Singapore 151119
Just next to Alexandra Village Food Centre

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Project Acai

There's so many supposedly super foods out there to spend your money on. I'm not a believer in all these super foods (seriously all you need is a balanced diet) but I do like the taste of Project Acai's bowls. I think it makes a perfect dessert on a hot day. 
They've very recently opened in Holland Village and at the moment they're only serving acai bowls.
The base of the dessert is frozen acai pulp from Sambazon (this is a brand) which looks a bit like red bean paste but totally does not taste like it. It's partially frozen so the texture is like a sorbet. It doesn't really have very much of a taste but I would say it tastes berry-like with a mild coco taste. 
It's topped with a variety of fresh fruits - strawberries, grapes, kiwi, mango, dragon fruit, pineapple, blueberries, bananas and other goodies such as chia seeds, grated coconut, golgi berries, bee pollen, cacao nibs and crunchy granola. (I can imagine the horror on wkr's face already)

Btw, caco nibs is a purer form of chocolate - in fact, it's the roasted cacao bean itself, with minimal processing and no milk added so it's suitable for vegans. 

Fish is incredibly happy that I have found another dessert to eat instead of Llao Llao... But since I can get Llao Llao so easily near my workplace and since I have eaten it multiple times, the novelty has worn off...  

 Currently their bowls come in 3 sizes, with large costing $13.90 - which is what we got since we were sharing. I think I'll probably get the medium sized one ($8 something) if I'm by myself.

Project Acai 
Holland Village
27 Lorong Liput
Singapore 277738

Friday, February 20, 2015

Good Chance Eating House

Hello Everyone! Hope that you've had a great CNY feasting and vegetating around (two of the things that I'm superb at). 

I have been commandeered to update my dusty blog. I have been eating (lots) and TLC-ing myself even more. But as it is the new year, and since all these shops are closed (just like the apocalypse sigh) I haven't got anything better to do (besides study) so I shall update my blog. 

 We went to Good Chance Eating house (about 2+ months ago) to eat their popiah. It's super near my previous work place. The highlight of Good Chance eating house is their DIY popiah. Since Yilin says that it is very troublesome to make at home, we decided to pay quite a bit to have our own DIY popiah. I think 6 pieces of popiah skin and all the necessary ingredients cost about $14++ (if I'm not wrong). They do give lots of that turnip filling thing (very tasty, not like lousy Qi Ji's) but I found that there wasn't enough skins to wrap everything up.
Not my popiah
 Of course, wrapping does need some skill or not you'll end up with a squarish shape pillow like popiah that still is edible but just not very photogenic.
 One of their other signature dishes is the braised pork belly with yam, served with yellow colour mantous. Artery clogging to the max but this was super delicious - the yam is soft, crumbly and moist and infused with the black sauce and porky taste. Very nice and must try.
 We also tried their black hokkien mee which I wasn't a big fan of, just that I haven't eaten it before so I wanted to try.
 Their fried prawn rolls were not bad but nothing memorable compared to the popiah (which was fun to warp) and the braised pork belly.

Surprisingly the ohr nee here is really good! It's my favourite kind of ohr nee - not to thick or dry, very smooth, and topped with creamy coconut sauce and lots of tender gingko nuts. I don't like the dry kind with the colourless syrup sauce.

Good Chance Eating House
149 Silat Avenue Singapore 160149
Phone 62710698

Do make a reservation as the restaurant is quite small! Service is pretty good and even though they're quite crowded they are very friendly and not the food nazi kind...

Friday, January 2, 2015

Chef Icon

I've been to Chef Icon a few times after work for their desserts - they do a really impressive iramisu and cheesecake brownie, which come in these really cute glass jars (that you can keep).
What most people don't know, is that they serve vegetarian food - just that the whole cafe doesn't scream vegetarian. It's really subtle - so that most people won't even notice it. I even managed to get WKR (one of the most anti vegetarian food friends that I know) to eat the a quarter of a sandwich, to which she agreed tasted really good (bread's super fresh!) and then told her the whole thing was made from soy ham :D
Looks like the real thing right? Tastes like it too (WKR didn't even know the difference). Do try their sandwiches - they're really delicious - much better than most of these new hipster cafes.

Chef Icon
5 Kampong Bahru Road
Singapore 169341
PHone 93373900

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Real Food

Went to Real food (Killiney Branch) for lunch - the service is really atrocious. Food is consistently good, but service was bad.
 Their signature salad, which was lacking avocado (the server didn't tell me that they didn't have avocado when I ordered). They made it up by adding a bit more long beans, but it made me feel slightly cheated. Our server really lacked a spark of life.
 Their dumplings are still super awesome - would totally go back to eat a whole bowl of it.
 First time trying the pizza - it's not bad cos the veggies are all very fresh and sweet, but I still felt that I missed ham/pepperoni/sausage in my pizza...

They charge for tap water - do get the bottle and not just a small cup - it's cheaper for 2 persons. Obviously my server with no spark of life failed to tell us that (there were 2 of us).

Real Food
110 Killiney Road
Singapore 239549

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Platypus Lobster Shack

 The year's nearly over and I've realised that I've been pretty slack - lots of restaurants that I haven't blogged about! I shall be doing a few quick reviews in the next few days, for those which I think are worth a mention... I tried this somewhere in October, so not sure if they prices/dishes are still the same...
So there was a whole lobster roll craze - and in my attempt to find a lobster roll comparable to but more affordable than Lobster Pince and Pints, I did make an effort to try a new place (rather than be my boring old 80-year old self). So I dragged myself to China Square (urgh the ERP - bane of my life) - and tried 2 of their lobster rolls.

Since I've tried Platypus Kitchen and Platypus Food Bar, and both were promising experiences, we settled on Platypus Lobster Shack.
This is the original lobster roll, with mayo, butter and chives, served with potato chips and a side salad. At $22.90++ for the set, its  nearly half price compared to that from Pince and Pints. I felt that the meat was diced too small and it didn't give me enough bite when I ate the roll.

Would I come back? If I'm on a budget, definitely. But then, I think to make my calories and cholesterol count, I would go back to Pince and Pints. Think Brunos and Valentinos.
The very worthy mention, however, was not their lobster rolls but the Crustacean Bowl ($19 for starter, $26 for main).
I would order it instead of the roll the next time I go. It consists of the cholesterol laden good stuff - ume creme, butter poached lobster, char-grilled cheddar cheese, and Caviar, on top of Japonica rice, and topped with sesame and chervil. Super duper awesome. Strongly suggest that you order it in the main size - cos it's so darn tasty that starter size will definitely not be enough.

Platypus Lobster Shack
3 Pickering Street
#01-31 Nankin Row 
Singapore 048660