Saturday, April 21, 2007

Peach Garden (Novena) - UOB 1-1 promotion

UOB has a 1 - for - 1 special at Peach Garden, so we decided to have dinner there. I've been there twice before, and the food was good, even though i don't really like chinese food. I particularly liked the venison.

We had the UOB special set menu, which had 6 courses including dessert.

The starter was Roast Sliced Duck accompanied with Fried Crispy Silver Bait, which, unfortunately, in my hungry state, I forgot to take a photo of :( It was 2 pieces of roast duck and a nice little pile of silver bait. I quite liked the duck but the portion was too small :(

Next, there was Double Boiled Seafood Soup and Bamboo Pith in Golden melon (this is old cucumber). The soup was very tasty and I ate my whole melon cos I was very hungry. I made a hole and a bit of my soup leaked out :S
Then the dish I was waiting for in eager anticipation was the Wok Fried Diced Venision with Black Peppercon.
Sadly, it was a mere THREE pieces of meat, though it was tender and juicy, I was pretty sure by this time the set wasn't going to be filling enough for me. Then again, it was the 1-for-1 menu...

Next was Poached Baby Cabbage in Honshimeji Mushrooms in Sharks Bone Cartilage Soup. The soup was a nice creamy emulsion and I really liked this dish, and it came garnished with wolfberries too. Stewed Noodle with Live Prawn and Scallop in X.O. Sauce. Reminded me a bit of good quality wanton mee. The noodles were fine and tangy, the sauce a bit spicy for my liking (I'm v pathetic with chillies and spicy food) and the live prawn had the live-prawn freshness - the juices exploding in your mouth when you bite down :) yum! (i like crystal jade prawn hor fun and egg cos the prawns are all bursting in juices)
Dessert is Chilled Jelly Royale with Julienne of Coconut. It's just a fancy name for Wu Tao Long (Ice Jelly Cocktail) with strips of coconut, and there was the cheng teng brown things inside too.
Since I had been fasting the whole day to eat at Peach Garden, I was still hungry by the end of my 1-for-1 dinner. So I compensated by eating more dessert! :D

Almond Paste with Seaseme Glutinous Rice Balls (Tang Yuan) - $3.50
I thought the tang yuan skin was a bit hard though.

Pulut Hitam (sp??) with Coconut Icecream in Young Coconut ($6)
The coconut ice cream is really good, but thought the pulut hitam was a bit too sweet. Anyways, it's an interesting dessert.

Mango Pomelo Sago - A definate MUST TRY the mango is really sweet and fragrant, and the dessert is thick and milky and the pomelo is slightly tart to balance out the flavours. It's only $3.50 (before tax) and about the same standard as Ah Chew Dessert at Bugis there. But Peach Garden is soooo much nearer my house. Ah Chew charges $3.80 for the mango pomelo sago.

The UOB Set Menu promotion costs $68++ for 2 person (min. 2 people). It's valid till 31st May and not valid for eve of and public holidays, and Mother's Day. Prior booking has to be made.

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did you know that peach garden has the best chai tau kweh in the whole wide world?

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