Sunday, April 10, 2011

Gusttimo Gelateria

Singapore is probably one of the best places to sell ice cream in (even though we are quite saturated with so many new ice cream stalls being set up now) cos there aren't any winters and the weather is so hot that ice creams are Their gelatos have a good mix of fruity and creamy, and one of the most popular gelato flavour here is the black rice. It's not like pulut hitam (black glutinous rice) but is a nuttier version. I also like their cheese ice cream lots. Their fruity flavours are very refreshing, and I particularly liked the strawberry gelato. Some other worthy mentions include the Rose (which sounds good but I didn't have enough space in my dessert stomach to try that) and rum and raisin.
Gusttimo doesn't only serve ice cream, but it also has 4 new desserts on their menu. Gusttimo has recently started serving desserts on top of their many gelatos. Each dessert costs $12.80, (which is around the usual market price for such desserts) and comes with a scoop of gelato of your choice.Sticky date puddings are one of my most favourite dessert - I have to order it whenever I see it on the dessert menu. My yard stick is still marmalade pantry's but the best I've tried in Sgp was from Boomerang. The sticky date pudding comes with a pool of butterscotch in the centre. I liked the sweetness and taste, but the outside of the pudding a bit too dry, though it was easily remedied by dipping it into the butterscotch... Somehow I just think that sticky date puddings shouldn't come in this shape cos they'll be slightly more dry.My second favourite was the Molten Chocolate lava cake. It's like licking the batter of the spoon when you bake a cake. Eating molten chocolate cake always reminds me of that. And since it's chocolate, it's hard to go wrong with this dessert. I quite liked Gusttimo's version of this cos the crust was a really thin layer and there was a large amount of the molten chocolate inside. If this cake is cooked too long, the insides will get cooked just like a regular cake. The brownie was the most underrated dessert of the day. If I had had one of these by itself, I would have said that it was a really good brownie since it was moist, soft and chocolatey but it was really overshadowed by the sticky date pudding and the molten chocolate cake.

The apple crumble had delicious bits of apple and cinnamon filling in just the right proportions, but the crumble was slightly soggy.

Somehow I always forget about Gusttimo whenever I go to Ion and my brain has up till now been wired to think of TWG and Marmalade Pantry for desserts in Ion. I must remind myself next time that there's also Gusttimo hidden in the corner of the first floor. It's probably because I never ever shop on their first floor?

Gusttimo Gelateria

2 Orchard Turn

Level 1 #01-17

ION Orchard

Tel: 6509 9380

Thanks to Gusttimo for the invite!

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