Thursday, June 23, 2011

Nourishing soup at Pu Tien

I'm not sure if I've blogged about my favourite post call food ever but I've just dug out some really old photos that I took in happier times (i.e. when I was not a slave to my company). The most awesome post call food ever (for me at least) is the Pu Tien soup. Since I really don't know what it's called in the menu, I've been calling it the 'nourishing soup'. It comes in this old style Chinese cauldron which helps to keep the nourishing soup warm while you slowly sip it. The soup is so milky and looks like it's been boiled for hours. It's extremely tasty (probably cos of the fatty pork and the long clams). And it comes with healthy stuff like lots of long cabbage and bean curd.
I think it's next best to soaking in an outdoor onsen during winter/spring (which I will not be doing in the near future or when I am post call). It's very warming and comforting and after taking this I would happily go home, bathe and sleep until the next day.
Sadly, I've only eaten it once ever when I was post call but it was the best post call lunch ever! I must find a Pu Tien near my workplace now so that I can endeavour to get myself some nourishing soup... My second most favourite dish (though it's not another nourishing post call dish) is the Pu Tien Mee Sua. This is unlike other mee suas I've eaten cos it's extremely fine and it's not served with soup. It comes topped with seaweed, nuts, seafood and pork and like the soup, is very tastey.

The other noodle dish here is the luo mee which I don't quite like but here's a picture. The noodles have the consistency of soggy ban mian but the soup is rather nice and similar to the nourishing soup.

Other not bad dishes to try are the cockles (it's <$10 per plate) of prettily shelled clean cockles served with lots of raw garlic and the sweet and the sour pork with lychee (nice fat chunks of pork battered with floor and coated with their sweet and sour sauce). The ohr nee (yam paste dessert) here is less than spectacular. I would recommend trying it elsewhere.

I'm not sure if the stuff served at Pu Tien is a good reflection of the Heng Hwa cuisine, but their dishes are above average and with reasonable prices, they look set to give the average Singapore diner more mid-range Chinese food choices (other than the default Crystal Jade and Ding Tai Fung, and perhaps Paradise Inn)

Pu Tien, here I come (soon, hopefully on Saturday??)

Pu Tien Outlets are at:

Kitchener Road


City Square Mall


Tampines Mall

Parkway Parade

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