Friday, May 25, 2012

Joo joo - by awfully chocolate

The banana nutella crepe ($16++) exceeded expectations with a halved banana and a partially melted sugar crust. I liked the way that they didnt completely melt the sugar so that there were contrasting textures. My only grouse was that there wasn't enough nutella - perhaps it could come with additional nutella on the side.

The apple tart was not bad either with a thin fluffy puff pastry and a thinly sliced apple on top.

I also got the pandan tart ($6) from mooshi baked (the bakery arm) which came in an unusual shade of green. The pandan filling texture was closer to custard than a pudding/jelly and I didn't quite like it cos it also tasted too eggy.
I'll definitely be back to try their breakfast menu and more crepes as well as their nutella drink (as u can tell I really like nutella)

Joo joo
131 joo Chiat road
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adel said...

may i say the pricing for desserts here are expensive?!

adel said...

may i saw the pricing to desserts here are expensive??