Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Saveur Art

Ok long hiatus again. I'm still drafting my other posts so I've decided to post a new place worth of mentioning. Most people will be familiar with the Saveur group, which is well known for its affordable French food, as well as Concertto, the sister restaurant which serves Italian food. 

Saveur Art is the more atas version of that. It serves a 4 course dinner for $59++
Do note that I went a few months back, and they have changed their menu 
Starter - I can't really remember what this was but it was some cracker with squid ink.
The table setting
Second starter - some mushroom soup which was not bad
Added a foie gras - comes with pickled pink radishes, and radish broth
Pretty average - I prefer my foie gras pan seared.
Egg Confit with roasted macadamia nuts and brown butter
Very creamy and delicious! I really liked the different textures of the crispy stuff and the light foam and the creamy eggs.
Slow cooked cod in olive  with fresh baby squids, artichoke and paprika foam
It's a tiny piece of cod, but it's well done and I liked all the other bits of stuff on the plate.
Asian spiced braised short ribs with rosemary crumbs, apples and organic baby carrots which I did not eat (choose either this or the pigeon for the main)
Roasted French Pigeon with beetroot and pickled morel mushrooms
Tiny pigeon - I think without the starters and the additional cheese platter, I might not be full
Chocolate and pistachio - Guanaja Fondant, Tanariva mousse, Ivory espuma, Araguani chips and pistachio ice cream.
I think this should have a little blurb with an explanation of all the things I cannot pronounce. I'm not a big fan of chocolate desserts, so I wasn't particularly crazy over this dish.
 For cheese lovers - I will highly recommend that you top up $14 for an extra cheese platter. Their usual ala carte price is $24 so you're saving $10 bucks/ And the cheese is pretty darn good!

For the number of dishes, it is pretty affordable, but I would have much preferred it if there were slightly larger portions. Other than that, no issues with the reservation/service/food quality.

Saveur Art 
Ion Orchard
Tel 66341141

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