Saturday, February 13, 2010


Happy Chinese New Year! It's the year of the Tiger, and I'm pretty sure Singapore birth rates will be plunging again!
True to my school's tradition, I've spent the last 3 or 4 Chinese New Years slaving away studying (and trying to collect ang paos in between). At least this is (hopefully!) going to end soon! And I'll be able to spend my next cny slaving away over something else and not getting any sleep! Since it's Chinese new year soon, I shall blog on a more Chinese-related post, and since I haven't really got any, these delicious kuehs from Galicier should suffice :) Ondeh ondeh is one of my more favourite snacks. The best part of the ondeh ondeh is the little globule of gula melaka floating in the middle of the molten gula melaka. Good ondeh-ondehs should always burst with a smokey sweet spurt of golden brown gula melaka. Not only does it have molten gula melaka, Galicier's gula melaka filling is exceptionally fragrant, as they also add roasted sesame seeds to the gula melaka, which makes their ondeh ondeh a level up against other ondeh ondehs I've tried. The skin is soft and chewy, and Galicier's ondeh ondeh smells of freshly cooked sweet potato. I think that these are the perfect ondeh ondehs, just that the shredded coconut is a bit on the dry side. Other than that, it's one of my more favourite snacks. Each piece is sold at 60 cents.Mountain of ondeh-ondeh coated with shredded coconut, waiting to be bought.
Ahh I'm getting very hungry thinking about ondeh ondeh now, even though I've just eaten my reunion dinner (like all reunion dinners at restaurant, it wasn't very good and cost a bomb).
Their steamed cupcakes are also really nice. This one is kaya filled cupcakes. They have other flavours such as yam (purple), red bean and coconut. The cupcake itself is light and airy, and pretty sweet and has the nice freshly steamed smell. It could do with a bit more kaya filling, and the kaya used for these cupcakes isn't of a very good quality.
However, Glacier's kaya (coconut, egg and pandan jam) which is sold by the jar is extremely delicious. It's thick, chunky and very fragrant. Goes extremely well with toasted bread. I should really go back and get another jar soon...
The old school bakery - not many of them left now but they sell oh so delicious kuehs and other little confectionaries. I'm so going to go back next week!
Galicier Confectionery
Blk 55 Tiong Bahru Road
Opening Hours: 10am to 9pm


Anonymous said...

OH MY!! Galicier! I am a complete fan of their mango cake, which I think you can only find at their other outlet at Serangoon though. I feel really sad that these little bakeries may disappear one day! Gald you know bout it too! :D And btw, happy CNY!

ice said...

Hey dear, when you're at Tiong Bahru, drive up a little at Blk 65 Tiong Poh Road where Ah Chiang's porridge is, there is a kueh stall which sells the best ondeh-oneh, kueh kosui & kueh dadar I've ever eaten, especially the kueh dadar! There's so much coconut in them & it's so so good Galicier's can't hold a candle to it. There's a picture on my blog somewhere. Kueh Kosui is super soft & ondeh ondeh bursting full of gula melaka. Steam tapioca kueh (ongol ubi, the yellow one with coconut shreds) is also very good. My mom buys them & I eat them every week!

Anonymous said...

thanks for the tip abt the kaya will buy one next weeek:)

purinne said...

im a big fan of their stuffies too :) ... n u really shd try their donuts :) ... they are yummy~~~ :)

Tay said...

It all looks so good.

foodaholic said...

looks awesome...shall make it a point to try urs and ice's recommendation!