Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Yuan Yuan Claypot Rice - ABC Brickworks

It's getting harder to find places which serve clapot rice, probably because its terious and no one really wants to slave over a hot stove. So I went to try the claypot at ABC Brickworks after reading about it in the weekend Business Times (love the CEO Hawker guide section!). The claypot stall was doing a roaring business. The claypot rice goes for $10 or $15, meant for 2-3 people. I got their mixed claypot, which has everything. There's one with chicken only, and another with minced meat and salted fish (I think), but I decided to try the mixed one so that I'll get the best of both worlds. The claypot rice is cooked from scratch over a high flame (not so sure if it's charcoal tho), unlike some of the newer stalls which 'cheat' by pre-cooking the rice. Tender morsels of chicken, fatty pieces of chinese sausage, a few fragments of dried fish and a serving of vegetables (which is cooked separately) are placed on top of the rice. Dark soya sauce and some aromatic sesame oil is drizzled over the top, and the huge pot is brought to your table. Since it's cooked from scratch, the wait is about 20min or more.
After furious stirring, to mix the ingredients well. The chicken meat is very tender, and there were little bursts of extreme saltinesses from the preserved salted fish. They could do with a bit more veggies - just a little clump of veggies in the huge claypot.
Some people enjoy eating the crispy rice stuck to the base of the claypot, but I don't particularly liked that burnt taste.
Stacks of claypots.

Yuan Yuan Claypot Rice
6 Jalan Bukit Merah
#01-38 ABC Brickworks Food Centre
Tel: +65 6276 5259

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