Monday, May 17, 2010

Arteastiq - Monet

Little break from blogging about Japan... Before I forget how all the food I've been eating back here tastes like! (Though I really would like to quickly blog everything I did in Japan, I think I shall alternate it with posts from what I've been eating in sgp...)I dislike work. I think I would give my right little finger to spend perhaps another year slacking around, going for holiday, and maybe staying in Japan for a year just to experience the culture and learn the language. I'm on the fast track to looking old and haggard. I'm totally going to pick a career which doesn't involve any more night duty as soon as I can help it. And I am really becoming an old person (even though I really like doing old people things in Japan), I seem to be a hermit (for at least 6 days a week) cos I'm so tired from working. All I really want to do now (apart from sleep) is to curl up on one of Arteastiq's black and white sofas, and sip my Monet dessert tea.
Its a delicious scoop of smooth, Champagne Vanilla gelato, which has enough alcohol, yet mild enough so that it doesn't overpower the taste of the French Rose tea. Mind you, it's not like the heavy handed sloshes of alcohol you'll get from Udder's ice cream. I was so glad (when I tried this) that I didn't bother to attempt this dessert tea the first time I came, because they ran out of Champagne Vanilla gelato (and pretty much everything else I wanted to try). It's nice and creamy, and the drink is really pleasant after the ice cream has melted slightly into the rose tea. I like how it tastes when the alcoholol from the ice cream mingles with the floral fragrance of the rose tea - really relaxing to drink this on a peaceful afternoon (which obviously I will not be doing in the near future). Future tai tai drinking the pear tea. Personally, I don't like the cranberries - would prefer a piece of cupcake/scone/biscuit to go with the teas rather than some pre-sweetened cranberries...
Ahhh I totally can't wait to plonk onto one of the sofas, and look out at the tree branches and just relax instead of doing whatever I'm supposed to be doing... I totally want to get the alcoholic teas the next time I'm back...
Cant. wait. for. my. pay. to. come. cos. its. very. late. already.

333A Orchard Road
#04-14/15 Mandarin Gallery
Tel: +65 6235 8705


Claire said...

love the Monet too! tho they didnt give me the roses when i went :( and i totally agree with lotsa stuff being sold out all the time :(

haha now im wishing i took a gap year instead of a gap half-year too! my break is ending in 2 days sobZ :((
i can't believe i let the DO guilt-trip me into going back to sch early arghz..

hang in there mich! we will be taitai gps who work 3-half-days a week one day! :D

Anonymous said...

take care.. u have a long way to go...