Tuesday, March 30, 2010


My first full post-exam day! FINALLY (though I think I really bungled my sh*tty p**ds shorts urgh!). I am happily under-utilizing my little brain after stressing it for so many months, and squeezing it until it protests in the last 3 weeks.So, being the old and tired person I am, I suggested to go for a relaxing tea at Arteastiq, which I have been wanting to go for about 3 weeks, after reading various reviews on it. It's located in a super-ex furniture stall Marxx (sp?) in Mandarin Gallery.They have very interesting tea flavours, including cucumber, pear, pomelo, ginger spice etc. They were having an afternoon promotion where their English teas cost $6.90++ instead of the usual $11. The teas are only brewed when you order, so it takes a bit of time before you're served the tea.
From the English tea section, there's a selection of four different teas: Earl Grey with Lavander, French Rose, Hawaii Hibiscus, and Jasmine. It's served with biscuits. (They didn't have any scones when I went, and had no apple or orange cake either... probably had a mad crowded weekend?)French Rose Tea
All their teas are prettily presented on wooden trays, and served unsweetened so you adjust the sweetness to exactly how you like it. The rose was very fragrant, but yours truly wanted to try lychee...
The biscuits were pretty good - wafer thin buttery with slivers of almonds. My only gripe was that it's so few of them - I would have easily polished them off in a single munch. Hawaii Hibiscus - served with a wedge of lemonThe Fruit Teas are served with dried cranberries. I much preferred the biscuits.
My lychee tea ($11++) came with 3 pieces of plump, muddled lychees. This reminds me of one of my favourite lychee packet drink (which I don't drink anymore cos I think it's too unhealthily sweet) minus the sugar.
The Four Beauteas ($16something++) has 4 of their more interesting ice cream flavours. There was ginger and spice, pear tea, lychee tea and mint lemongrass. The ginger and spice was the strongest tasting ice cream, and had a milky base. I quite liked the refreshing taste of the mint lemongrass, which combines 2 of my more favourite tea flavours. Lychee tea tasted more like lychee gelato minus the tea. Pear tea had a funny aftertaste which I didn't quite like, but no one else had an issue about the taste.
They were out of vanilla champagne ice cream the day I went :(
Their cheerful, colourful chairs - their colours remind me of candies. I must say that after the afternoon of chilling out and relaxing (with the storm raging outside) on their huge chairs, I feel much happier and refreshed. Their giraffe print sofas are much more comfy than the chairs though.
The furniture shop side.I'm already head over heels loving this place after my relaxing afternoon tea here. If only I can spend the rest of my life having tea at least 1x/week :P Heard it's quite crowded during the weekends, so avoid this unless queueing is your hobby... I'm definitely coming back to try their cakes (green tea choc lava cake sounds so enticing!) as well as their light bites.
333A Orchard Road
#04-14/15 Mandarin Gallery
Tel: +65 6235 8705


ice said...

Glad you like this place. (:

It's a lovely spot to chill.

reiz said...

We went there on a Thursday night and we had the whole place to ourselves! :) The pear and lychee tea is nice!

Cavalock said...

do they have malt tea? that's pretty good

Blue Roses said...

Just thought I'd drop by and let you know I've been a avid reader of your blog for a while and you inspired me to start my own blog!

m said...

ice: yup so glad i visited it! will be chiling there from now on (but it's not like i'm gg to have tim :/)
reiz: I like lychee tea lots!
cavalock: Not too sure but i don't think i saw it on the menu
blue roses: thanks for the support :)