Wednesday, March 24, 2010

3 Inch Sin

Such an appropriate quote, especially since it serves such decadant desserts. 3 inch sin is a 4 week old dessert cafe specialising in Molten Chocolate cakes. The bubbly chef/owner trained in Le Cordon Blu (guess which country? you'll have to ask her!). They serve chocolate cakes in 2 sizes, normal size ($5) and mini ($5 for 3).The molten chocolate cake comes in eight different flavours. If you're a big fan of the molten part of the cake, be sure to order original (in the 3 inch 'full size') because that's the one with the most molten chocolate. Though the chocolate is not super runny, the cake still has adequate crispiness right on the outside, chocolatey cakey middle, and the molten chocolate core.
For people like me who like novelty, mini 1 inch cakes are the way to go since their core has different fillings (but no molten chocolate core). Which kinda defeats the purpose of eating a molten chocolate cake I suppose? But I really like the raspberry one (down to the little bits of raspberry which get stuck in my teeth), since it's tartness complements the rich chocolate well.
I tried Hazelnut and Peanutbutter as well. Hazelnut was ok, was expecting it to be more nutella like but I think the chocolate taste kinda overwhelmed it, and I found the Peanut Butter (yes I am really not a 'true' fan of peanut butter cos I like having it in miniscule portions only) too cloying. But Peanut Butter fans should rejoyce since Peanut Butter + warm Chocolate Cake is always a wicked combination.
Their unique and pretty menu - flavours are mint, bitter orange, white chocolate, coffee, peanut butter, raspberry and hazelnut. I think if I go back, I'll stick to the lighter flavours (since I think I'm growing old and have a much lower dessert threshold than I used to have) like raspberry and mint.

It's a pity that Cluny Court has so little human traffic, and most of the stalls are hidden from view (think Relish, Taste Matters). Which is such a pity since Island Creamery is doing such a roaring trade just 2 buildings away.
3 Inch Sin
501 Bukit Timah Road
#02-27 Cluny Court
Tel: +65 6314 1217
4 more days of exam left!! Then I can plan for more gastronomic adventures in peace...

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BanBan said...

Well, good and bad that Cluny Court doesn't have too many people. It attracts a certain 'class' of people there. :)