Monday, March 15, 2010

Wild Honey

I have a little breather in between my papers (sigh 3 hr long tikam paper again tmr siiiiiiigh! After being slaughtered during Saturday's paper too!) so here's my Wild Honey post which has been on hold for so long while I procrastinate before doing work again...I'm so glad that all these breakfast places are sprouting out everywhere. Wild Honey is an all day (and evening) breakfast cafe/restaurant, which serves a whole range of breakfast dishes ranging from Mexican, Japanese, Tunisian, Swiss and English etc.

The English Breakfast ($22++)
The most expensive one of the lot - which comes with creamy scrambled eggs (not as creamy, a bit too set), roasted tomato (red, sweet and juicy), sauteed bacon, mushrooms, pork sausage (unhealthily fatty but delicious), fried potatoes (which has the texture of deep fried lard cos it's so crispy), and their speical baked beans (huge, firm beans, not soggy, in a light tomato sauce - unlike the soggy over salted ones from the can).

My most favourite item was undoubtly the brioche bread. Two thick white fluffy slices, lightly grilled and rich tasting. It's not like those light little breads you get usually which depresses under the slightest pressure, but a nice, chewy, firm and crispy. If I go back, I'll definitely order something with their brioche cos it's so delicious.The Tunesian (around $20++?)
This one smelt the best, and had the most impressive presentation. 2 half-cooked egg with tomato salsa and chorizo sausage (contains beef and pork).
Eggs Benedict ($18++)
2 poached eggs (golden yellow and runny yolks) on top of their delicious brioche bread, drizzled with hollandaise sauce, served with parma ham.

Belgium Waffles ($18++)
If you like your sweets, then attempt these waffles for a sugar rush. 4 rectangles of waffles 'glued' together with custard, served with fruit and toasted almond slivers. And a little jug of maple syrup.
Banoffee Souffle ($9++)
This is a really interesting drink/dessert. The top is a layer of fluffy (a bit wet) souffle, nicely burnt, and below that is a banana milkshake with honey.
Too bad banana isn't really my favourite fruit (unless it's goreng pisang). The drink is more icy than creamy, and it's really quite sweet. I didn't quite like the souffle portion because under the layer of toasted skin, it was all soggy and wasn't really like a souffle at all.
Hehe I can't remember what this drink is anymore. But it's the one with chocolate, coffee and honey... Though it's really not that spectacular cos it's too sweet.
I was rather amazed to find that my friends managed to secure a table for 6 here, after 6pm on a week end. Perhaps the feeding frenzy has died down because I'm so slow? We had initially wanted to try Applebees, but it wasn't open for business yet. Just as well cos I've read some not so perfect rewiews on it (waiting for more people to try before I scurry down).

They have a digital menu in their ipod touch, but personally, I don't think it'll work well when there's a queue (no wonder why all those people complained to the straits times!). Ordering can be a bit confusing especially if there's a large group infront blocking your way (and view of their two ipod touches).

Another thing is that their seating area is rather limited (bordering on cramped, and crowded), and we could see a waiter and some customers (who came later at around 730) giving us the evil eye cos there weren't any seats left and we had just finished our meal.

Though I can't say their breakfast is better than some others (Spruce is still my fave haunt), it's all day (and night!) so if you're hankering for scrambled eggs and the like, during un-breakfast hours (9am to 10pm to be exact), Wild Honey's definitely the place for you. Though it sure cost a bit more than I am willing to pay...

Wild Honey
333A Orchard Road
#03-02 Mandarin Gallery
Tel: +65 6235 3900


HungryTrotters said...

The Tunisian looks it a must-try? :)

m said...

out of all the dishes we had, everyone liked this one the best. Though I can't really comment - the sausages are made from beef.