Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Had breakfast with Boiling Betty, Frying Fred, Scrambling Sam, Sweet Egg Ella and ice. (Only the last one is a real person - and no I'm not having any hallucinations). The rest are the names of the cooking method used for the eggs we had during breakfast yesterday morning.
Little Yellow Dot (Happy trio $6, Six Pack $10)
Fried quail's egg placed atop a round buttered toast
I particularly enjoyed the mustard hollandaise sauce - much more interesting than the usual hollandaise sauce, and much lighter too.
Snazzy Mollet ($6 for two, $10 for four) Mollet eggs placed in tomato nests, topped with diced cucumber, with Bagnarotte sauce. Served with sauteed potatoes with caramelized onions
Ah I feel quite retarded - I thought mollet was a kind of bird (like chicken/quail etc) and happily deduced that mollet egg was a specialy kind of egg. Mollet eggs (surprisingly wiki doesn't have an article on this!) a cross between hard-boiled and soft boiled eggs (according to the New York Times, June 8 1913).
I really liked the snazzy mollet which was a wholesome starter of mollet eggs sitting within a big red, juicy tomato, with grilled eggplant and zucchini. Topped with (not so healthy, but very delicious) Bagnarotte sauce (mayo, tomato and tabasco - reminds me vaguely of cocktail sauce tastes like). I think $6 is really very reasonable (the tomato is quite big) and I liked this best.
Le Rossini ($18)
Indulgent breakfast - with goose foie gras (!), scramble eggs and truffle oil. The eggs were a bit over-done (I like my eggs a bit more runny) and not as creamy as I would have liked. Could have been a bit more generous with the truffle oil (then again, one can hardly get enough of truffle oil). Gave feedback and when the next table ordered their le Rossini, we could smell the truffle oil wafting about - yum!
The sauteed potatoes were very well done - not too greasy, well seasoned and the caramelized onions were delicious. Ciabatta bread was very fresh and lightly toasted.
Salmon frittata
This isn't on the menu, and is available only on weekdays.
Friattatas are Italian omelets filled with ingredients - this one has smoked salmon, bacon, and herbs. Personally, I don't like the texture of these kind of foods (like casserole dishes or mushy things) cos the texture reminds me of semi pureed food. Taste wise, it's pretty good - could taste the smoked salmon, bacon, herbs and the sauce on top was pretty good. Perhaps if I didn't have the 2 starter, I'd have liked it more. It's a pretty filling dish (Fish, I think you'll like this...)
Where's Waffle ($8)
Served with butter, Sabayon and Maple syrup, topped with blueberries
We very greedily had our waffle with a scoop Salted Caramel Cheesecake Ice cream. The waffle reminds me of those waffles that I buy from the bakeries (probably because of the waffle iron?)
The waffle is very crispy, and is not the cakey kind - and the additional scoop of ice cream made the whole thing even more delicious. The sabayon had some lemon juice in it so I didn't particularly like it (since I don't like citrus).
You can add $4 for blackforest ham and an egg if you prefer savoury waffles, but for me - I'll be sticking to waffles with an additional scoop of salted caramel ice cream.Earl Grey Tea
Though the food isn't 'die die must try', but I'll definitely return (partly because I want to try the Rose beer specially imported from Belgium) but also because the
I'm eyeing the Eggs Mimosa next (devilled eggs), as well as the Croque Madam ($14)
Beef eaters - try their Burly Benedict which has corn wagyu (!) beef. Shall go back to try their kurobuta ham and black forest ham too.
I'm looking through their menu now - their sweet stuff looks really good - like grilled apricots on cinnamon toast, and their pancakes ($10, spied someone else eating it - quite a big portion) which comes topped with rosewater(!) strawberries.
Haiz, my must try list is super long - better drag more people down the next time...
Prices are really reasonable (compared to Choupinette or anywhere else in Dempsey like PS Cafe, Jones or House), plus is' way more accessible than Rider's Cafe. If I were in Law, it'll definitely be my hang out place (too bad Science doesn't have anything except Coffee Grounds). There's no service charge, and they serve iced water.
I don't usually eat breakfast cos I wake up too late during my holidays/weekends, so the closest I usually get to breakfast if brunch. But since Hatched serves all day breakfasts, here's another place the early birds can visit (since my breakfast recommendation list is really really very tiny).
Thanks to Gerald and ice for the invite! Well worth waking up early in the morning :)
Evans Lodge, 26 Evans Road (Opposite Law Campus, near Mr Prata and Wine Garage)
Tel: 6735 0012/13
Tue-Thu: 8am-10pm
Fri-Sat: 8am-12am
Sun: 8am-10pm
They're pretty busy on weekends, so please make a reservation if you're impatient and hate to wait (like me).
Btw, photos were taken using my rediscovered "new" toy which has been sitting in the dry cabinet for very long...


ceadsearc said...

yo mich

try the rochefort 8! it's awesome beerrr

ice said...

Your photos are lookin' good!

m said...

ceadsearc: ok! shall try both my rose and the rochefort 8 since it's recommended by the law student :P
ice: Thanks:) Doubt I'll drag my camera around on normal days tho - too heavy!

claire said...

call meeee! :D kev and i are just a 5min walk away ;D

m said...

claire: ok ok we must go then we can try more of the beers!! quick b4 sip starts!:)