Thursday, October 1, 2009


This restaurant run by the people behind fish and co has the same name as my cg mate's nickname, so when I walked past, I had to try it. And even more so cos I was nearby (not going to trudge all the way back to the far east to try the restaurant). So I ended up going there for lunch 2 days in a row, and I snitched one of the disposable coasters so I could give it to.

Their lunch sets are pretty affordable, and on Mondays, 4 of their main courses go for $12++. The 4 choices char-grilled codfish fillet, Barramundi with cheddar cheese crust, and Prawns Fettuccine.
The Codfish Fillet (usual price $15.90++), which is rather small. Then again, at $12++ is pretty reasonable for cod. The cod's pretty fresh, and is quite well done - nice and flaky, drizzled with a creamy lemon sauce. Completely not filling if you're eating this alone. Prawns Fettuccine ($13.90++) comes with a herb based cream sauce, and is really heavy, especially if you're eating it by yourself. Quite a few prawns (I think there were at least 6-7 pieces), but they're the bicarbonated/crystal kind which aren't really that tasty.
The Mediterranean Fried Fish ($9.90++) is a good-sized portion Mediterranean fish (not sure what kind of fish cos I forgot to ask) coated in a light, crispy golden batter. This was quite nice, and the creamy cheese sauce went really well with the fish.

All the mains come with new potatoes and grilled tomatoes. The portion of new potatoes is rather small, and I think most people will not be full from the meal. Not that I'm complaining, cos I prefer new potatoes to fries anytime.

They also have a salad bar buffet (lunch price is quite reasonable). Although they're Fish and Co's sister restaurant, their menu is quite different. The service was quite slow on the 2 days I went, and it took painfully long (about 30min) for our dishes to arrive on the 2 occasions I went there, even though the restaurant was 1/4 full. So don't come here if you're rushing cos you'll definitely be frustrated by the slow service.

10 Tampines Central 1
#04-11 Tampines 1
Tel: +65 6260 0183

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