Saturday, October 3, 2009

Deep Fried Mooncake

Before I forget (which I already did earlier), I ate a deep fried mooncake at My Humble House for dinner on Thursday. Though I've never tried the deep fried mars bar before (don't like mars bars to begin with), the deep fried mooncake exceeded my expectations (and my mooncake imaginations). Half a mini red bean snowskin mooncake with some alcoholic center encased in golden batter, which was thick enough to bite through, but not overly floury, and a warm sweet mooncake waiting in the middle. Delicious!

(Not as if mooncakes aren't packed with enough calories, now they've started deep frying them...)

Too bad they don't allow pictures of the dishes (huge sign outside saying no photography, as well as no berms, shorts, slippers, singlets blablabla) so you all will just have to imagine it...

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