Saturday, October 17, 2009

Burger Shack

Burger Shack has been open for a few months, and I've only just discovered it even though I've been passing by it nearly every day! And argh I can't believe that 1 wk of my 2 wk break is gone!! I'll be going to a kelong next week, so hopefully I'll get to catch some fish and eat lots of seafood!! But I'm sure they won't have salted egg sotong or chilli crab.......
Grilled Chicken Burger - $5.70
The chicken fillet is very succulent, I think that they probably use chicken thigh. Although the burger bun is quite thick, the burger didn't taste dry. Probably because they have a pasty tomato salsa spread over the burger bun. The tomato salsa gave the burger more flavour, and they went easy on the mayonnaise (there's a whole squeeze bottle at the counter if you want more). Packed into the burger are thinly sliced raw onions, as well as the usual lettuce and tomato.
Personally, I think that $5.70 is rather steep for the burger - the $5.70 doesn't include fries and drink yet.
Original Beef Burger ($5.70)
Juicy flame grilled NZ beef patty
My sister seems to like this burger - she's had it twice already.
They also have the ramli version of the beef burger, topped with sambal sauce.

Burger buns can be swapped for rice topped with a dollop of garlic butter at no additional cost. The rice is nice and fluffy, and anything topped with butter tastes great.

They've got a BBQ Pulled Pork Burger ($6.20) which I want to try - looks really juicy. They've also got a vegetarian option - the Vic's Portobello mushroom burger ($6.20).
To get fries and canned drink, you have to top up $3.20, but good news for students - the top up costs $2.50 if you flash your student card. The shoestring fries are sprinkled with some special secret recipe seasoning. I thought that they could have been a bit more generous with their secret powder - some of my fries were hardly touched by the reddish powder. I liked how their fries weren't overly salted, and the fries were all very crispy - there weren't any soggy fries in my serving at all.
The food is pretty average - definitely not something that I'll be rushing back for. It's a pretty nice hang out place (car park's $1.50 per hour at King's Arcade), but since it's an open cooking area, I smelt like a fried potato after eating there. They're still expanding their menu, and they're going to be having more grilled foods. If you're craving for dessert, they have warm chocolate brownie, served with none other than Island Creamery's ice cream.

For all the school kids in the area. it's a great alternative to King Albert Park's MacDonald's - though it's nearly double the price of mac's teatime $4.50 special.
Burger Shack
559 Bukit Timah Road
#01-01 King's Arcade (Next to Coronation Plaza)
Tel: +65 6466 3477
Tue-Sun: 12pm - 10pm(Closed on Mon)


Davis said...

Yeah..agree that Burger Shack is average only. In fact..Swiss Grill (bistro arm of Swiss Butchery..across Burger Shack near coronation plaza)serves by far THE BEST BURGERS!! Even their steaks n sauages are to die for. Adore their concept of serving good quality food at resonable prices.

m said...

hello davis! thanks for the recommendation - sounds good... hope to try it soon:)