Friday, October 2, 2009

The White Rabbit

Went to the White Rabbit to celebrate my sister's bday, and since she's into photography, most of the photos in this post comes from her.The meal started off with warm onion bread, which was a bit dry on the outside, but the savoury bun tasted pretty good.Dressed crab ($22++)
Freshly handpicked crab tossed with mayonnaise, tomato jelly and avocados
We had this to share, and the waitress kindly gave us plates and cutlery so we could share the appetiser. The crab was lacklusture, and didn't have the sweet taste of freshly handpicked crab. The transparent film was the tomato jelly, which had the taste of tomato, but was gelatinous in nature. I liked the creamy avocado paste, whcih went well with the skinless tomato (fresh, sweet and juciy).
Lobster Sweetcorn Chowder ($16++)
A light summer corn chowder made with lobster served iwth slipper lobster and drizzled with tarragon oil
I liked how the bittersweet tarragon tasted with the creamy lobster broth, and the corn lent it crunchy, juicy sweetness to the heartwarming soup.Beef and Barley Consomme ($14++)
Light clear soup made with fresh beef, vegetables and barley served with a delicate beef roulade
Didn’t try this dish, but according to the people that ate it, it was really salty. Lol I have just noticed that the waiter's aim with the teapot is slightly off in the photo! White Rabbit Mac and Cheese ($28++)
Served with spring vegetables and indulgent truffle sauce
A souped up version of the classic Mac and Cheese. I was really excited about trying it, but it falls short of its reputation. The amount of truffle sauce was really pathetic, and I could barely detect the truffle smell. For this meatless dish (it's just carbs, cheese, cream) and a drizzle of truffle oil, garnished with 2 thin slivers of black truffle, I think you’re better off baking mac and cheese at home.
The summer vegetables were very interesting, and included a piece of purple cauliflower, beetroot, some asparagus and a mini-carrot.
Pan Roasted Salmon ($29++)
Served with confit of fennel and citrus ginger beurre blanc
The portion of fish is quite small, but it was freah, juicy and delicious. Live Manie Lobster Thermidor ($58++)
Gratinated lobster topped with Momay sauce, served with a choice of salad or fries
The lobster was fresh, no doubt, but the sauce didn’t blow me away. And if you’re the kind that wont’ get full on a small-medium sized lobster, please order the fries. The dish isn’t very filling at all.
You definitely can't be like Scrooge if you want to dine here. Being a chapel, the place resonated with the clinking of cutlery and the lively chatter from the many diners. It was quite noisy, and although we were sitting in a small table, we could hardly hear each other speak. I quite liked the privacy the the round tables along the sides offered, rather than sitting in the middle in full view of everyone. White Rabbit's value for money is really poor, but it is a really nice place to chill and relax - I imagine weekend brunches/tea here would be supberb - I'm eyeing the deconstructed black forest cake for dessert!
The White Rabbit
39C Harding Road
Tel: +65 6473 9965


Lisa said...

Yuckkkk my photos look gross. And i want a nutella tart :D:D:D yumyum.

Anonymous said...

hurhur in my opinion, don't bother with brunch, seriously :)
and i shall remain anonymous in case i get sued by the management :s

m said...

Lisa: go bake more after exams. I want butter chicken too!

Anon: lol always good to be cautious - obolo is trying to sue my food sirens :O