Monday, October 19, 2009


Hello everyone who reads this blog! I am going to a KELONG tomorrow for 2 days 1 night. Hope that it's clean! I shall blog about it when I get back. Here's some pictures (from my sister) of my newly acquired pet:I've borrowed it for 2 weeks - it's super cute and I've been feeding it lots and lots! It's name is Furball and it's 1 year old. And it's looks very big in real life I thought it was a small guinea pig when I first saw it. Furball spends nearly it's whole life sleeping - my maid thought it was dead the first morning I brought it back cos it was flopped onto it's tummy sleeping, and looked like a soggy bean bag. When it's not sleeping, its busy eating, and can stuff 25 sunflowerseeds into his mouth at one go. After that, it proceeds to the top level of his cage and regurgitates all 25 out, to be enjoyed later.
I just saw it yawning today and its teeth are super long yellow and yucky! Looks much cuter when it's mouth is closed.


emily~* said...

awwww so cute!!!! :)

m said...

em: see my fb! Got even cuter picts - one of it sleeping in the hamster wheel :)