Friday, October 16, 2009

Spice Peranakan

I had lots of difficulty trying to eat at Spice Peranakan. Firstly, when I 'discovered' it after searching for peranakan food on hungrygowhere sometime in June, they were about to shift to their new location in Biopolis. Decided to try it again when school started, and after trudging to biopolis, my fellow diners said that it was way too empty (so they refused to eat there). The weekend right after that, dear Wong Ah Yoke wrote a rave review in the Straits times, and that was THE END. The restaurant was booked full during lunch, for quite some time after that. So I've been waiting (for the longest time every) for the frenzy to die down, as well as an opportunity to get out of school for lunch (sadly, I was posted to the far east for a month) and thus, I only got to try it recently.
Ayam Buah Keluak ($13.80++)
An additional buah keluak nut costs a whopping $2 (or was it $2.50 - and that's before taxes)
The chicken was pretty tender, and there were 4 good sized portions of chicken (unlike some places where they chop up the chicken until it's so small and boney). The buah keluak sauce had the smokey bitter buah keluak taste, and wasn't too spicy (perhaps it was because I requested for it to be less spicy?). They only give two small nuts, and it was very unsatisfying. I think they should give at least 4 nuts cos the portion's meant for 4 people? The nut's not stuffed with anyting, so it's just pure tarry black buah keluak paste inside. Sambal Kangkong ($8.80++)
The sambal kangkong was very salty when eaten on its own, but it was great when eaten together with the steamed rice. Could really taste the dried prawns in the kankong.Otah otah ($7.80 for 2 pieces)
One of the most expensive otahs I've eaten so far. Taste wise, it's pretty good, quite light and airy compared to other otahs. Although it's moderatley thick, the middle isn't soggy and doesn't have the 'uncooked' taste. I liked how I could taste the lemongrass in the otah paste. Best of all, it wasn't too spicy or salty. Perhaps they cater to the expat crowd at Biopolis?
Jemput Jemput Pisang ($7.80++)
Didn't know what this was before I ordered it, but after I saw it, I realized that I've actually cooked it during Home Economics in secondary school - never knew it was a Peranakan dish? I'm quite sure the vanilla ice cream isn't part of the traditional dessert, but it really cools down my numbed tongue. The jemput jemput pisang is a deep fried banana fritter, and the mashed bananas in it was mushy and sweet. The cake was moist and spongy, and really hit the spot after the spicy meal.
Our conclusion is that it's not as good as some of the restaurants in the East (like Charlie's and Peranakan Inn), not as cheap (though it's not the most expensive restaurant around) but for me, I think I won't mind coming back when a Peranakan food craving hits since it's pretty near my house. Perhaps I'll go to Dulukala and try it again one day. Haven't been there for a really long time - missing their cheap value for money dishes.

Make sure you budget for their many additional charges such as 30cents for each wet towel, and steamed rice is $1.80++ per person. Dishes came reasonably fast, but perhaps it was cos we were sitting in the corner, they didn't really refill our iced water.
Spice Peranakan
20 Biopolis Way
#01-01 Centros - Biopolis
Tel: +65 6738 8887
Park in Carpark A, Yellow Zone, B3


ice said...

Dessert looks good! You must bring me eat peranakan one of these days mic!

m said...

ok ok won't be free for the next mth tho! We should go to somewhere in the east! Cheap and good :) or dulakala at beauty world.