Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Keng Eng Kee Seafood - Alexander Rd

Had a super heavy tzechar lunch at Dennis' uncle's tzechar stall, which Dennis didn't want to recommendMarmite Chicken ($12)
This was our favourite dish, and it was polished off really quickly. The boneless chicken was coated with marmite sauce, and each bite was a taste explosion - the salty marmite sauce had an intense flavour and went really well with steaming white plain rice. The chicken skin is left intact, for those people who like eating chicken skin - the skin was very crispy.
I think I'm always hungry at night cos I'm always blogging about all the delicious food I had in the day, and now I feel like eating this again.
Coffee Pork Ribs ($20)
The coffee pork ribs were sliced thinly, and since there is an increased surface area, each piece was coated in the sweetish coffee sauce. The sauce is also slightly caramelized, which gives it a yummy looking glaze. The coffee taste is also very strong, and I liked how the additional white sesame seeds made the pork more fragrant.
Ming Zhu Juan ($9)
One of their signature dishes - beancurd skin (tau kee) stuffed with lots of ingredients - prawns, sliced chinese mushrooms, ham as well as a salted egg yolk. Reminds me of a deep fried version of inari (sweet beancurd skin) sushi.
Do note that there's a piece of parsley hidden within all the ingredients - I quite like eating parsley but my friends who didn't like parsley had to dig through the roll and remove the sprig of parsley.
Cuttlefish with Kangkong ($16)
Heaps of juicy cuttlefish pieces and
The cuttlefish was very juicy, and went really well with the slightly spicy brown sauce. This dish is cooked with lard, so all the lard-eaters will be very happy when they discover the crispy oil laden gems hidden within the cuttlefish and kangkong.
Homemade Waterchestnut drink
Complimentary Almond Jelly with Longan, which ended the lunch on a sweet note.
I'm going to come back to eat the salted egg crab. According to the reviews on hungrygowhere, the salted egg crab is supposed to be very good. The food was quite heavy and oily (since it's tze char anyway), and it was just as well that we ordered 4 dishes cos everyone was very full at the end of lunch. Fortunately, we've been having half days, and I happily went home to take a long afternoon nap.
They have an airconditioned dining area opposite the original coffeeshop, and that's where we had our lunch. The aircon is nice and strong, which was a relief as the weather has been scorching hot lately. For the pricing, the portions are huge, and the lunch I had was extremely satisfying. Looking forward to trying the salted egg crab!
Keng Eng Kee Seafood
Blk 124 Bukit Merah Lane 1
Singapore 150124
(Where all the car workshops are)
Tel 62721038

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