Sunday, August 16, 2009


I've had a pretty productive week - finally tried 2 more restaurants on my restaurant wish list
Choupinette is located along the row of shops/restaurants right after Coronation Plaza. They're a well known breakfast/brunch/lunch place, and they've recently started a dinner menu (Tues to Sat, 6pm-10pm), which has Duck Confit ($22), Stuffed Lamb Shoulder ($24) and some other interesting French Dishes. I went there and ate their all day brunch for lunch.
The price of my Eggs Royal's - a staggering $21 (this is without the plus-es! inclusive of one hot drink and one small fruit juice).

I actually wanted to justify spending so much on my eggs, so I asked the waiter if there was anything special about my eggs (perhaps they were organic, I though, which would partially explain the exorbitant price), but to my dismay, it was 'just normal eggs'. Oh well, since it's rare that I'm free (to explore new places) for lunch, and even rarer that I'm free (or awake) for brunch, I decided to splurge a bit. After all, it's not everyday that I have a 2 week pseudo-holiday.Eggs Royal's comes with 2 poached eggs on toast, with smoked salmon and hollandaise sauce. Lots of hollandaise sauce. The eggs were poached perfectly (but not like I've never had nicely done poached eggs elsewhere) with the centers still runny. Not sure if they use some very special type of smoked salmon, but it tasted very ordinary to me. My one cold drink -pineapple juice from a carton.My one hot drink - hot chocolate which tasted pretty thin, flat and tasted like something that I could easily make at home (minus the froth and chocolate powder). Drinkable, not impressive.The Chou Chou's Set ($22++) with the Croque Monsieur
It comes with any juice, water, soft drink, coffee or tea (or Iced Chocolate) and a dessert. Croque Monsieur was pretty small, with some ham and cheese. I think Canele does a much better job (with their Croque Madame). The iced chocolate, like it's hot counterpart was very uninspiring. Creme Brulee (with the Chou Chou's set) - served cold with a thin layer of burnt sugar. It was pretty eggy and was rather hard. Definitely not very memorable and I've tasted better. They didn't have the chocolate mousse, so we were stuck with either this choice or 4 macaroons.
Choupinette's Brunch/Lunch menu
Choupinette epitomises the extremely expensive prices for normalish food along Bukit Timah Road. Somehow, the restaurants/cafes which are easily spotted from along the main road seem to have higher than normal prices, for average tasting food. Perhaps the pastries are better? I suppose you're paying for the nice cutlery and ambience. As well as the rental. This is definitely a place to try if you like to dine at Dempsey.
607 Bukit Timah Road
#01-01 Tel: 6466 0613

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