Sunday, August 2, 2009

Restaurant Absinthe

Another terribly outdated post -before it disappears into the recesses of my computer (my photos folder is super messy! :/) I decided to try Absinthe cos everyone who went there previously said it was really good. Restaurant bread - crusty on the outside, and soft inside.
Soup of the day - Tomato and Cream Soup
This was my appetiser - the tomato soup was delicious - bursting with the sweetness of tomatoes.
Balik Salmon Salad with lime dressing
According to this website, 'Balik' is the best part of smoked salmon. No wonder why we thought that the salmon tasted very different from normal smoked salmon. It wasn't overly salty, and it looks more like half-cooked salmon than smoked salmon.
Pork Belly - Braised kurobuta pork belly, fennel salad with Star Anise jus
My main - I personally thought that this tasted like dong po rou - very oriental tasting, probably because of the Stair anise? Since I don't particularly like chinese food, I didn't quite like this dish. To give the chef credit, the pork fats were perfectly cooked - a thin crispy layer on the outside, and a melt-in-the-mouth bottom layer. Though I don't like pork fat so I didn't like this dish. Plus, the meat part was super super thin. Half of it was fats (which is great for people who like pork fats).
Steamed Grouper with artichoke heart, potatoes and ginger soy jus.
I also didn't like this main cos it tasted just like a Chinese dish. Just that it came with mashed potatoes (which were dry) and an artichoke heart. Other than that, it tasted just like steamed fish from any Chinese restaurant.
Chocolate Cake, Vanilla Ice cream and raspberries
The best part of the whole meal - the chocolate cake was wicked. Icy raspberries embeded within lucious layers of creamy chocolate mousse, balancing the rich, sweetness of the chocolate. I think this is probably one of the better chocolate cakes I've eaten.
They also gave us some valrhona chocolates after our meal.

The 3 course set lunch costs $38++. I really didn't like both mains - tastes too Chinese for a French restaurant. Though dessert was great, appetisers were passable. Perhaps ala carte would be better - but it'll definitely blow my lunch budget. Maybe dinner some day, since everyone else who has been here says its good
Restaurant Absinthe
48 Bukit Pasoh Road
Tel: 6222 9068


ratatouille said...

sometimes if u juz keep on eating set lunches, u wun be able to taste the chef's true colours

My Caddy SG said...

The food looks really good- but you're right a bit bizarre to have the pork belly for a French restaurant.