Saturday, August 8, 2009

Peaberry & Pretzel

This Peaberry and Pretzel post would not have happened if Audrey hadn't kept chanting "Peaberry and Pretzel" for the past few days.
Afternoon Milk Tea Sundae ($7+GST, no service charge)
Probably the best teatime snack to have in this climate. Instead of tea and scones, it's Earl Grey ice cream with macaroons and crushed tea biscuits.

The best part of this sundae is the ice cream itself. The Earl Grey is one of the best Milk tea ice creams I've tasted - it's extremely aromatic, with the slight spiciness of Earl Grey Tea. Every single bite is a burst of Earl Grey tea. It's like drinking those bottled Japanese milk tea (but creamier). For about $7.50 nett, this sundae is a steal. I think it's pretty hard to find dessert places, with nice ice cream sundaes for $7.50 nett. Looks like I'll be coming here for more afternoon tea time desserts!
Chocolate Cake from Peaberry and Pretzel (it's about $6, can't remember cos it's not mine)
I like the small choco-balls at the side of the cake. It's a rich chocolate mousse cake. Very chocolaty and delicious.
The list of Sundaes at Peaberry and Pretzel - I'm eyeing the Black forest one next. The others use vanilla or chocolate for ice cream, so I think the Earl Grey Tea ice cream looks like the most interesting flavour.
Their decor is very girly and cutesy. I suppose it'll be perfect for a girl's night out (or that kind of thing). Good since guys (generally) don't really appreciate good desserts:P
Their takeaway boxes are also PINK, and they even have a clothes line of doll's clothes hanging on the wall (to add to the cuteness factor?)
Hehehe no prizes for guessing what Audrey Pok has to say about Peaberry and Pretzel (oh no she's going to be angry with me now that I've uploaded an un-glam photo of her!! :O but it's not facebook so she can't untag herself!)
Peaberry & Pretzel
Blk 106 Clementi St 12 (Sunset Way)
Tel: 6777 3477


Anonymous said...

There is no service charge and GST charge at tis restaurant? :D

Anonymous said...

I think the restaurant name has been changed 2 "buttercake n cream" (: