Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Gusttimo - Three Flavours better than one! (or two for that matter)

The cream cheese ice cream at Gusttimo is delicious. I thinking that it'll taste brilliant in a deconstructed strawberry cheesecake since the cheese taste is really strong.

The other flavours I tried were Cherry and Milk and Rice. The rice was interesting in that even though they use pulut hitam (black glutinous rice), they don't put it with a coconut base like how our local ice cream places do. So it's really black rice and milk.
I also think that Walnut has an interesting flavour, because usually when I take walnut, it's in the chinese dessert form, which is walnut cream and it tastes very oily. From the little teeney weeney sample scoop that I tried, it's really light and has a nice flavourful walnut taste. This will be on my must try list if I come back for ice cream :)

The cups come in 2 sizes, a small one which is $5.80 and a larger one which is $6something. I got the small one (which is still very expensive). There's 2 huge water dispensers filled with lots of ice inside Gusttimo - it's so nice to see dessert places serving water even though it probably contributes to the exorbitant prices (though personally, I think the rent in Ion contributes to the pricing more).
2 Orchard Road
#1-15 ION Orchard
Tel: 6509 9380
(Facing Borders)

Oh man, I'm reading hgw and looks like other ppl hate this place! Didn't know that they have such a dumb policy! Here's some quotes from other reviewers on hgw (some are very funny, I really like reading hgw especially hilarious reviews!)
Singapore's Dumbest Restaurant
...I went here with the missus and tried to order two of my favourite ice-cream flavours. Apparently, this is not allowed - incredibly, you have to name three or they won't serve you. "We're trying to be different", the nice chap behind the counter said sheepishly. "What, by annoying your customers?" the missus reasonably pointed out. "Erm, yes sorry - management insist" came the apologetic response.
Hello? Who owns this place? Giuseppe Retardo and his amazing extra-stupid sales policies? I daresay we could have found three flavours each that we wanted but I'm not, on principle, supporting this sort of pretentious pillockry...
Trying to be Atas
...It was early hours (maybe approaching 6pm) and the outside area was deserted except maybe for a couple of tables. We were flatly denied a place because in their words 'we have customers who come in and order a drink or so and sit forever'. Such audacity! Come on, the place was empty. My kid could't use your high stools and the parlour was almost full. The alfresco was empty. What are they thinking? (hey one solution: place a timer on each table whether for drinks, desserts or dinner. Make sure All customers make way for more customers that's going to take up your time and place.)I for one think it's a little crazy to only open the place for dinner (unless you think you are El Bulli which in that case, you can afford to close for half a year)...
From blargh:
ridiculous policy
...As Gaz has mentioned in the very first review for this establishment, the smallest cup (picolo) of gelato is $5.90 and it says that you get three flavours. What they do not tell you is that the choice of three flavours is MANDATORY. you cant only have two flavours or one flavour. you MUST CHOOSE THREE flavours. you MUST HAVE THREE flavours for your $5.90 picolo cup...
Luckily I didn't find out myself that you only could have 3 flavours or I'll be insanely pissed! I'll go and drop by to try the next time I'm there and ask for ONE flavour ;p I love reading hgw to destress. (Mostly because the reviews are really very funny, and partly schadenfreude.) It's even more hilarious than the comic strips in Life!
I think I'm going to boycott this place already! It's super kid unfreindly!!! (Even though I don't like kids in general, how can they expect kids to sit on the high stools! They'll confirm fall over, or keep swinging and swinging and swinging and swinging and swinging and swinging swinging and swinging and swinging and swinging and swinging their legs)

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