Friday, August 21, 2009

KPO's Ice Creams

Short post... KPO's ice creams:
Honey and Chamomile Gelato - very pleasant tasting, but a bit too sweet (it's honey isn't it?). Chamomile taste is more of an after taste, very pleasant, creamy and I think the combination of Ice cream and Chamomile sounds like it'll be great to have before sleeping.

Chivas Sorbet - the texture reminds me of the pear sake sorbet from Udders, perhaps that why I kept thinking I was tasting pear when I ate this. It has a pretty strong alcoholic taste, but it's definitely more palatable than Chivas on the rocks.

Donatella (Hazelnut) I thought it'll be like Nutella (my all time favourite spread - goes with anything!) but then it was actually just hazelnut. There were a few sticky streaks of something (I doubt it's nutella but the place was pretty dark so I couldn't see it very well)

Baileys and Cream - Very very creamy, but not very alcoholic. I think Udders one's are better. Though Baileys isn't on top of my drinks list anyway.

$5 per scoop (inclusive of taxes and service charge)

I really should go and try seventh heaven's ice cream. Hopefully it'll be soon!

KPO Cafe Bar
1 Killiney Road
Killiney Post Office
Tel: 6733 3648


ice said...

Dear, Seventh Heaven's ice creams are not worth the trip & calories.

amit verma said...

dear sir.,

seventh heavan ice cream are really tasty, i have try it