Sunday, August 23, 2009

Blu - Shangri-la's birthday promo

Celebrated my mum's birthday recently at Blu - using Shangri-la's very worth-while Flash-your-age birthday promotion. "With effect from Tuesday 17 March 2009, guests who celebrate their birthdays (exact date) at Shangri-La Hotel, Singapore, will enjoy a dining discount that is equivalent to their current age at all five restaurants - BLU, The Line, Nadaman, Shang Palace and Rose Veranda." This offer is valid for up to 8 people.

My pictures aren't very good, because of the extremely low lighting in the Restaurant.
The menu - it's a thick heavy black book which looks like a cookbook. For the birthday promotion, you can only order from the 'special' set menu - and there's 3 kinds of sets.
The Gold set (which I ordred) has 6 courses, the silver has 5 courses, and bronze has 4 courses.
Fresh and warm bread - one was tomato and the other was some cheese thing, served with some special garlic butter (which I think was whipped?).
Caviar Waffle - sturia caviar d'aquitaine on buckwheat waffle. with creme fraiche, chives and egg
I liked how the creme fraiche went with the salty caviar, and the waffle was crispy and slightly sweet.
Lobster Thermidor
Canadian lobster (roast, foam, reduction) with mushroom, parmesan and tarragon
The lobster was so fresh and juicy - and the lobster 'reduction' tasted like an extremely concentrated lobster bisque, and

Foiegras @ fruits. com
Roast foie gras, peppered fruits, balsamic, pistachio
Probably the best foie gras I've eaten. Crispy on the outside, and soft and oozing on the inside.
Sparkling Grape
Grape (sorbet, carbonated with greek yoghurt)
This reminds me of Tippling club's fizzy grape. The icy grape sorbet and creamy greek yoghurt was very refreshing.
Lamb Mole
Grilled lamb lion, crispy potato, corn x3, spiced chocolate sauce
The lamb is a 3 month old lamb, and it was extremly tender. Probably because it hasn't been walking around much since it's so young? The chef recommends it cooked to either medium rare or medium well, so I had mine medium rare (since I like my lamb pink). The chocolate sauce was pretty interesting - it's the first time I'm having chooclate sauce in a savoury dish, but I don't think I really like the combination. Fortunately, the chocolate sauce wasn't doused over the lamb and I thought that it tasted much better on it's own.
There's three types of corn in this - creamed corn, popped corn, and some kernels of corn. The yellow powder was pretty interesting - its supposed to come from some chilli, and has the texture of icing sugar.
An Egg?
Mango, pssionfruit coconut
My favourite dish of the day - served on a tile with a picture of a hearty English breakfast.
The egg even had a 'shell' which was hard, and the 'yolk' was made with mango and passionfruit. The 'yolk' was globular and could even burst, just like a real egg. The 'egg white' was made of coconut cream, and the richness of the coconut cream went very well with the slightly sour mango and passionfruit 'yolk'.
The following two desserts are from the other dinner sets:
Warm chocolate mousse, vanilla ice cream, cookie dust
The lighting was so dim in the restaurant, that I didn't even realize that the white stuff spelt 'o-r-e-o' until I came back and looked at my photos! This dessert was too sweet for my liking - the chocolate mousse, cookie dust and ice cream was a lethal sugar rush combination.Lemon Meringue
Lemon jell, meringue, sorbet, powder
The lemon meringue was unlike other lemon meringues I've eaten. Under the layer of prettily piped meringue, there was lemon sorbet instead of the usual lemon curd/lemon pie base. Ice cream never goes wrong for dessert, and it was an interesting combination.
Cotton candy tree - where you can pick off little balls of cotton candy (which were laced with some sourish tasting powder) from the 'branches'
It even came with crunchy chocolate rice 'soil' and chocolate 'leaves'It was a great experience having progressive dining at Blu, especiall the 'An Egg?' dessert (which so suprised my grandmother, and she ate half the dessert even though she usually doesn't because she's very sugar conscious). And after this foie gras, I doubt that I would be able to eat most other foie gras. Personally, I thought that taste wise, I still prefer Iggys, perhaps because of their stronger flavours, and also because their dishes are closer to the Asian taste (like the Sea Urchin and cauliflower mousse, as well as the sakura ebi cappellini), but overall, it was really interesting trying all the different dishes.
If you have money to splurge on dinner, please go to Blu instead of Tippling Club, you won't regret it.
22 Orange Grove Road
24F Shangri-la Hotel
Tel: 6213 4598

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