Monday, August 10, 2009

Hooked (Thomson)

I've read about Hooked on hungrygowhere, and it seems to be getting pretty good reviews. There's one near my house at Rail Mall, but I've never been there because if I go to Rail Mall, it either means that I'm going to takeaway subway sandwiches or going to Gabialti. Also, I thought it was just like another Fish and Co wannabe, so I've not made an effort to visit them. Just as well that my friend organized dinner at the Thomson Branch, or I'll be missing out on a really good restaurant.

Hooked was having a Super Saver dinner set promotion, where you can choose from about 10 different main courses and get a drink free. Not really a dinner set, but it was pretty cheap. For example, my Aloha Salmon and Prawns which usually costs $19.90 ala carte now costs $16.90, with a free drink (soft drink, coffee or tea) thrown in. My main, the Aloha Flame-Grilled Salmon and Prawns
They use Norweigian salmon and it's served with rice pilaf and grilled pineapple. I requested for the salmon to be rare in the middle. The salmon fillet was very fresh, juicy and really exceeded my expectations (even though I already had quite high expectations for this place). The prawns were coated in a slightly salty and creamy sauce (reminds me a bit of miso paste), not the freshest but the marinade was pretty good.

The rice pilaf is very fragrant and not oily at all. I think there's a bit of tomato inside, as well as onions and some other spices. I prefer this to the usual potatoes, fries or butter rice. The pineapples on the skewer weren't exactly grilled (like the menu said) but nevertheless, I enjoyed my main.
Steamed Red Snapper in White wine (Dinner Set B, $16.90) served with linguine (if I'm not wrong you can choose your type of carbo)
The snapper was also very fresh - this is probably the best dish to test for the freshness of the fish. Though I thought the linguine was too oily for my liking.
The Red Groupa ($16.90), which was also coated in a tasty crust, very fresh and served on top of pilaf rice.
The Salmon page in the menu - the menu groups the dishes according to what kind of fish is used. Personally, I'll just get the Super Saver set - it's really very value for money.Here's a picture of the dinner set menu - there's quite alot of choices, but they're all fish.
Hooked proves that good fish dishes doesn't have to come with a high price tag. I'm very impressed by the freshness of the fish and the affordable pricing, I'm definitely going to try the one at Rail Mall sometime soon. Bonus points cos they also serve iced water.

They don't have the 10% service charge here, and only charge extra for GST.

203 Upper Thomson Road
Tel: 6256 9005
Free valet service provided by the restaurant
(Its along the row of Tong Shui and Miss Clarity Cafe)

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