Saturday, August 29, 2009

Pek Kio Prawn Noodles

I've never heard of Pek Kio's prawn noodles until very recently. I was reminded why I don't really blog about hawker food when I made a trip down to Pek Kio specially to eat their famous prawn noodles. It was just my luck that the 'famous' prawn noodle store was closed (they close on Mondays). So I ended up trying the prawn noodles from the un-famous store. The cheapest bowl of prawn noodles is $2, but if you want pork with your prawn noodles, it's minimum $3. They don't have big prawns, so I suppose that the $5 bowl just has many small prawns. The prawn soup had a mild prawn taste, but was nothing to rave about.
My $5 big prawn noodles from the famous stall (Wah Kee, it has ieatishootipost's blogpost printed out right infront of the stall :P). I didn't enjoy my prawn noodles at all. I had it with kway teow (usually I get kway teow mee cos I don't really like the waxy taste of the yellow noodles, but that day someone was helping me order) and the kway teow was super weird - it was all fragmented, each piece not being more than an inch long, so it felt like I was eating semi solid food. On top of that, the soup was very very garlicky and didn't have a nice prawn taste. There were many small bits of whitish garlic floating around my soup. I probably caught them on an off day, but the soup was really very horrible that day. The soup version - $5. I was looking at ieatishootipost's pictures, his soup has a much more intense colour than mine (which looks super pale and tasteless). Since it was $5, I ate the prawn but left everything else since it tasted terrible.
Unfamous store, with a quite long que on a Monday morning. It's very cheap (hard to find $2 prawn mee now!) and the lady boss is very friendly :)Famous stall, with a mega long que during lunch.

I'm glad to say that both prawn noodle stalls have pleasant lady bosses! They're very smiley and helpful - despite being very busy :)
Btw, my fave prawn noodles is the one from Hong Lim complex (or is it Hong Leong?), Adam Road (for the convenience) and the one at East Coast Road.

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