Wednesday, August 19, 2009

DSC Coffeeshop (don't know what the real name is)

My lunch at the coffeeshop in the same block at DSC. Not sure of the name (didn't see any sign board, but I wasn't looking out for it) but under this multi storey carpark.

The fishball noodles from the stall (which is famous for lor mee) is pretty bleagh. I actually ordered the bak chor mee, but then the guy must have heard the wrong thing and gave me fishball noodles instead (didn't realize until after I started eating). So I decided not to waste space on my fishball noodles, and ordered the Famous Sungei Road Laksa instead. It looks very 'popular' lots of those stickers and food award things stuck outside. If I'm not wrong, I might have watched the Chan U episode where they came to this stall? The laksa here is a no-frills laksa, and costs a mere $2. It comes with beansprouts, fishcake and cockles. The laksa gravy isn't the super thick coconutty kind (like the Katong laksa) but instead, it's more watery, but packs lots of flavour from the dried prawns. My $2 laksa + $1 cockles. The cockles here are pretty good - not those puny dark looking weird smelling kind. They're nice - pink and juicy, fresh and clean (no gritty sand bits).
Chicken wings ($1 each) from the 'famous' fried chicken wings stall, which wasn't very exceptional. Just tastes like the kind you can find from the nasi padang stalls (but it's a Chinese stall).
The coffeeshop is extremely dirty - there were so many flies buzzing about and there were also bees hovering around us the whole time we were eating. I am pretty sure all the flies come from the poorly located rubbish dump which is pretty near the coffeeshop.
For the people going there, I think that the Jalan Besar food center probably has much better food - it's well worth the walk over.

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