Thursday, March 18, 2010

Kuriya Lunch at Great World City

Somewhere in March (or was it end Feb? Exams are playing tricks on my sense of time!), before my exams started, I headed out for a omega-3 packed lunch to boost my brain space (yeah right!). Though I can't say it did much brain boosting (that I very badly needed), it did make me much happier. Instead of chirashi on the normal red and black bento box/bowl, Kuriya's chirashi lunch set comes splayed out in its full glory on a dish. The riot of colours are so pretty, and it's hard to decided where to start from.
The deep fried prawn heads were simply gorgeous, and were easily crushed into shards of crispiness when chewed. Though I couldn't bring myself to eat the black beady eyeballs (picked them out and threw them aside).
I also liked the anago (salt water eel) which has a more delicate, cleaner and lighter taste than the usual unagi (fresh water eel).
And of course, my favourite item was the light, creamy pink minced negitoro (middle grade tuna belly) topped with finely sliced spring onion.
I don't know why they had to stuff a slice of lemon into two halves of my fresh scallop, but I threw that out too. The scallop was moderately fresh, not the freshest I have tasted, but I really dislike lemon in my sashimi (cos I have a preconceived notion that they only add lemon to fish when it's not fresh to disguise the fishy smell of un-fresh fish).
There were some bones in my white fish sashimi (I think it's snapper) so I threw that away too. The full lunch set, including the dessert ($42++):
Comes with snow crab chawanmushi - I didn't like the goopy, corn-starchy gravy on top (that's where the crab meat was) but I liked how there lots of ingredients hidden inside the steamed egg.
The crisp salad was lightly dressed in a tangy miso based dressing.
Miso soup with mushrooms
Otoshi (starter) of spinach and bonito flakes in dashi stock.
There was quite a lot of rice hidden under all that ingredients, I was quite full after the meal. But then there's always dessert:)
Dessert - A trio of fruits, brown sugar pudding and vanilla ice cream. The brown sugar pudding was my favourite - it's texture was exactly like a smooth, wobbly panna cotta. The ice cream came on top of a slice of orange (yucks, orange is my least favourite food ever!) so I had to whisk the ice cream off quickly before any more of the orange flavour stuck to it.

Other than my one bony piece of sashimi, the whole lunch was very yummy.
I highly recommend that you make a booking cos it was booked full on a weekday lunch! So we (being the last minute spontaneous people that we were) ended up sitting at the sushi counter, staring at their horrible artistic backdrop of what was supposed to look like grains of rice but reminded me more of a carpet of insects/mites/lice.

That's all for my amazing pre-exam lunch! Half way through! 11 more days - I'm counting down (and much happier now than before the count down to the start of exams!)

Great World City
Drats, I can't find the telephone number on hungrygowhere! :( I think cos it just shifted to a new site on the office tower in Great World?


ice said...

We go for Aoki's mazechirashi after your exams. (:

Mr. Pineapple Man said...

yum yum. a lil pricey but im sure it was worth it!