Thursday, August 12, 2010

Random Update

Hello everyone who still reads this blog of mine - I'm still alive after slightly 4 months of starting work, but with huger eyebags (my work hours are causing irreversible damage to my face). I'm currently extremely happy now (the last time I was this happy was 1 day to the end of my finals) and I am so happy that I just have to post a cheerful looking photo just to do an update! Sounds like I'm high on something but I assure you I am most definitely not. Can't wait can't wait!!!

The photo above is the happiest one I can find in my com and it's the thin crust pizzas from Pizza da Donato at 6th Avenue. Each slice is around $6-8 and there's quite alot of toppings available.

Pizza Da Donato
8 Sixth Avenue
Tel: +65 6219 7562

(There's another banch at Ghim Moh)

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Cavalock said...

Glad to hear that things are going great! <^;^>