Saturday, July 31, 2010

Let them eat K ki ! (ケーキ)

I had my most productive post-call ever on Friday. Usually, I just go home and sleep till the next morning cos I'm super exhausted, but I managed to drag myself down to k ki (thanks to the help of my chauffer brother) and procured myself a nice selection of cakes. I've been dying to try kki's cakes since having a taste of their Antoniette, but thanks to my long work hours and laziness on weekends (weekends are sacred and for sleeping in late), I haven't been down to K ki.My greedy selection of cakes - couldn't decide which ones I should have so I narrowed it down to these 6. Spent >$50 of my hard earned money on them too! But I think it's alright since it's such a rare opportunity for me to actually go down and get my cakes. Each slice is is rather expensive at about $8 each (plus they aren't very big), but I think that it's just for the ones that I really like. I like the cakes with the lighter flavours, so that means all those cakes with chocolate are out of my list (though I think chocolate lovers would really like them!)
One of k ki's more popular cakes, the Little Red Riding Hood, which has
I like how the chocolate coating is so nice, smooth and glossy, looks like it just popped out of a food magazine. I don't like this cake cos it's too chocolatey for my liking, and I'm not a big chocolate fan.
Raspberry jelly (or gelee?) gives a nice sour contrast to the rich chocolate.
My favourite cake is still the Antionette - its white chocolate mousse with a delicious golden yellow center of mango embedded within.
The mango is really refreshing and tastes so pure, fruity and sweet. It's one of the smaller and daintier cakes they have but it's well worth the money cos it's so delicious! I can't stop raving about this cake... If I only had space for one, it'll definitely be the Antoniette!
Kinabaru, which is another of thier hot sellers. Coconut mousse paired with passionfruit. The light and creamy coconut mousse goes really well with the tangy passionfruit. A word of caution: this cake really doesn't keep well in our local climate - my precious Kinabaru started sagging and falling onto itself after I removed the protective plastic wrapper - see how it looks like it's flattening out in the picture already. Mont Blanc - the famous chestnut mousse swirly tower
A whole load of fresh whipped cream and soft sponge inside. It was freshly piped and I had to wait about 5 min for them to prepare it. This really doesn't keep well in the refridgerator, so it's best eaten on the day itself. When I ate it (the 1st day), the chestnut mousse was creamy, not overly sweet and bursting with the rich earthy chestnut taste. It gets hardened if you keep it >1day (sadly, I can't finish everything in a day without having diminishing returns, so I've been eating little pieces of everything for the past 2 days).

The last 2 cakes which I don't particularly like - the round one is called Cafe Dumo - coffee and chocolate mousse with chocolate praline which didn't taste very unique and was rather forgettable (when compared to the Antoniette and Kinabaru).

The leaf shaped one on the extreme right is called Mona. It's chocolate and banana mousse. The banana taste is really strong, and goes really well with the rich chocolate mousse. It really tastes like you're eating a real banana (all of their fruit flavours taste really fresh and nice). But since banana isn't one of my more favourite fruits, it doesn't top my favourite list.

What I would like to do on one of my upcoming my leave day will be to get a nice book or trashy magazine, take some public transport to k ki (so I won't have to worry about the incredibly expensive parking, and paying millions of ERPs) and sit there for an hour savouring either the Kinabaru or Antoniette and drinking some nice tea. And maybe go to Goto while I'm at it ;P

K ki ケーキno. 7 Ann Siang Hill
Tel: 6225 6650
Daily: 11am-9pm
Thursday: Close at 7pm
Saturday: Close at 4pm


Stargirl said...

i miss k ki. fyi there're usually no seats left at k ki at lunchtime, hope you'll manage to secure seats on your next visit though (;

oh, and their sables are awesome!

*Harris said...

ah, you're making me crave for kki again, it's been a while since i've returned...

HungryTrotters said...

You opened up the cakes nicely :) Like all your shots...i remember, we went to a park nearby K ki, and indulged our cakes using our hands haha, not suitable for an $8 a piece. :D but it was worth it...

Glenn Lee said...

I love their kinabaru. I need to visit Flor soon though! Friend told me that they have something there that I might fancy!

Clare @ Mrs Multitasker said...

Ah the cakes look beautiful! They look so pristine it's almost like they aren't real... I'll have to give this place a visit