Friday, July 9, 2010

Happy Lemon!

I'm super addicted to Bubble tea and to all these artificial multi-flavoured drinks. I'm so happy to have discovered Happy Lemon, a new drink stall serving these flavoured drinks with lots of different toppings (not only pearls/tricoloured jelly/nata de coco!). I get my nearly daily fix of pearls from Mr Bean (lol makes my soya bean drink unhealthy!) and I really like Koi (but it's so ulu and far away, so hard to buy!), Each a cup and this new bubble tea stall at City Square (looks very cheena, like a TCM stall, but it's really good! It's name is Gong something...).
One of my new findings (which is accessible to nearly everyone) is Happy Lemon, which comes from Hong Kong (woohoo! I'm going there next month! Can't wait to do all my food research and zoom all around eating!). It's located at B4 Ion, next to Mei Hong Yuan. Their design is super cute (not that I am into all these cutesie stuff, but looking at the lemon face makes me very happy cos whenever I see it, I know that I will be getting something delicious to drink soon! I think I have a very strong Pavlov's reflex!) and they have a whole huge variety of drinks.

I have been stressing my pancreas, trying quite a few flavours in a short time.
One of the more unique drinks is their Rock Salt Cheese series - I've tried the Green Tea with Rock salt and cheese, which is a layered dirnk with rock salt and cheese froth on top, and green tea below. It's very interesting cos there's little bits of cheese (couldn't taste my cheese until I got to the bottom of my drink, the cheese bits are very creamy) and there's a very mild salty aftertaste (nearly undetectable) and of course, the very refreshing and cool green tea (looks more brown to me but nvm). You're supposed to drink it straight from the cup to enjoy the different layers of drink, and not to mix it up.

Other flavours which I've tried are the Blueberry with Kanten and Agar (Kanten is a Japanese jelly, supposed to be very healthy and good for people on a diet cos it's very filling), the Lemon Yakult mousse spin (They put in 1 serving of yakult. yum. I like yakult lots!) which is very acceptable to me even though I dislike lemon in my food (besides lemonade and lemon tart). I wanted to try the cocoa with pudding but they ran out of it today. I also quite like the refreshing and tangy taste of the Passionfruit yogurt with kanten and agar ($3.50), cos it also has bits of that pulpy passionfruit (including the crunchy seed) in it.
All are really delicious. Their drinks aren't cheap, with a regular drink costing from $2.30 onwards, all the way up to $4.80 (the most ex drink is the Latte with taro), but it tastes really nice. The drinks come in 2 sizes, regular and jumbo, though they seem to be out of stock of the jumbo cups (around Macdonald's medium drink size).
They have lots of goodies you can add to the tea, such as mesona jelly (fancy name for chin chow), Adzuki Bean (red beans), Malt, Kanten, Seaweed Jelly, Pudding, Brown sugar jelly etc. I wanted to try the brown sugar jelly, but they advised me not to have it with the lighter tasting drinks cos the taste would clash, but I suppose it will be nice with their coco and coffee series drinks.

I know I sound like I'm doing an ad for them but I'm not and I paid for everything. I just really like their flavours (not their slightly steep price) but it's super yums when I go to Ion I MUST get a cup of something from them unless I'm absolutely explodingly and incredibly full... I've just drank Happy Lemon 2 days in a row (one being just before convocation! so yummy! puts me in a good mood everytime).
I just went there again today - the queues are forming already! bet they'll be flooded with people tmr :( Took really long to get my drink just now :(
Happy Lemon
B4-35 Ion Orchard
Spore 238801


Cavalock said...

was there for the first time last weekend. had the caramel coffee or someting (i forgot) with kanten, very nice. like the chewy kanten!

HungryTrotters said...

That green tea with rock salt and cheese sounds interesting.

LiquidShaDow said...

I tried the rock salt cheese coffee once. The coffee itself was actually pretty decent, but there was too little coagulated cheese powder to really make it interesting. The regular milk tea is pretty good though.

ice said...

There's Koi just outside Illuma & Gong Cha at Square 2!

Eileen. 静 said...

tried a couple of their drinks but found it so so...

very much preferred koi and Gong cha instead :)