Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Wild Honey Revisited

Feast (courtesy of Jane!) at Wild Honey. Had a happy dining experience there previously (see post here) so we went back for more. The drink there is a whooping 18 bucks (didn't know it was so ex when I ordered it. Sorry!) but it's a potent mix of honey and vodka and mint leaves. Though it's rather strong, the sweetness of the honey masks the alcohol very well. Can't remember it's name tho!
Pumpkin and Spinach Salad ($18++)
They were very generous with the pumpkin and spinach, but sadly, their pumpkin is undercooked and were too hard and chewy. Which is such a pity cos other than that, I would have throughly enjoyed this salad. There were juicy tomatoes (slightly sour) and generous scatterings of sunflower seeds too. I think this salad would do much better with some crumbly feta or ricotta cheese sprinkled on top. It would do good much better if there was some creaminess to balance out the acidity.
Museli - Wild Honey's museli is made with orange juice, so I'm glad I steered clear of this dish. Though rather subtle, I dislike orange enough to detect every little hint of it in the museli.
Their lovely freshly baked bread basket ($6++) - I really like the thick slabs of toasted brioche which are so crispy and fluffy. Served with butter, honey and some strawberry jam.
Lemon Tart - it looked rather dismal and cracked ( I suppose it had been sitting in the fridge for some time?) but it's appearance is deceiving and the lemon curd was creamy with a tangy lemony taste. The tart base is the thick and buttery kind (that I like), but it was perhaps a few milimeters too thick for me to like it entirely. It is rather small (about the size of a normal egg tart, not the mini-sized ones).
Wild Honey is probably one of the few things I can afford in Mandarin Gallery (apart from Ippudo, which I'm not very partial to). I like the feel of the place (especially the woody furniture) though the ordering is a pain in the neck (only 2 menus and it's such a long wait when it's crowded!) though service here is pretty good. I'll be back for more bread - it's my favourite thing on the menu!
Wild Honey
333A Orchard Road
#03-02 Mandarin Gallery
Tel: +65 6235 3900


Stargirl said...

yum the bread basket looks good! haha it'll be the perfect choice for a light budget (well, compared with the prices of the other items) snack at wild honey (:

SiHaN said...

after hearing you talk about that bread basket.. i'm craving for a slice of brioche! Darn.