Sunday, July 25, 2010

K-ki - Antoinette

It's not my birthday, but this is a Antoinette, a cake from k ki which is so insanely good, the next time I'm taking leave (and not going overseas), I am definitely going to rush down to get myself a whole variety of cakes from K-Ki. I've been so freaking deprived, thanks to my long work hours and I haven't been able to go down even though everyone else has been raving about k ki!
And now, there's Flor which looks as tempting as k ki I really don't know which one to go to, but then if I go to both, I'm surely not going to have enough stomach space for all... Such a dilemma...
Light white chocolate mousse with a mango center. The mousse is so fluffy, has just the right sweetness and has a cheese like aftertaste (though I'm not sure if there is any cheese in it) and the mango layer tastes just like an extremely sweet and fresh mango.
I'm super motivated to rush down and get a variety of cakes during my next leave! Can't wait can't wait!!!! Ah I'm supposed to be sleeping now but thinking about k ki is making me so excited and hungry!!
Thanks to Sabrina who bough the cake! :D
K ki ケーキ(+ the little dröm store)
no. 7 Ann Aiang Hill
Tel: 6225 6650
Daily: 11am-9pm
Thursday: Close at 7pm
Saturday: Close at 4pm

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HungryTrotters said...

I didn't know they sell their cakes in big sizes?