Monday, July 19, 2010

Superdog Breakfast - budget friendly and an alternative to Macs

Had Superdog for breakfast before I watched Shrek 4 (I completely missed Shrek 3 I think?). It's quite sad that that's the last movie I've watched, but I'm dying to watch Toy Story (before it ends! I want to catch the 3D movie!) and Inception, but unfortunately, yours truly will be slaving her life away on the last 2 weekends this month.Superdog is a surprisingly good breakfast find - the pancakes were beyond my expectation! I would rate them as good as Macdonalds, and they even come with 'innards', which is either chocolate chips or banana and walnut. I would recommend the banana walnut pancake cos there's 5 pieces of delicious caramelized bananas embedded in the fluffy pancake, along with a few sprinklings of chopped walnuts for that extra crunch. Chocolate chip is pretty normal and nothing out of ordinary. The pancake texture is similar to that at Macs, just that it's slightly thicker, and looks a bit more home-cooked (no nice smooth golden brown surface). Its served with butter and honey. (Btw, my meal has 1 choc chip and 1 banana cos it's usually plain pancakes, you have to top up a small sum for the choc chips and banana)

I can't remember which breakfast set this was, but there's mainly pancakes and bacon sandwiches for breakfast, though I would strongly recommend the pancakes (haven't tried the sandwich myself, but I don't like bacon).
The breakfast set I took also came with a skinny chicken sausage, which isn't the inferior nitrite filled and very preserved tasting kind that you get out of a can (think Tulip Brand) or the dark brown ones that can be procured at any supermarket for an extremely low price. Superdog uses use 100% fresh food and they don't serve any frozen meats.
The greasy bacon and its rind of fat is rather crispy, though I'm not going to comment more on this cos I didn't eat it. The sunny side up egg has a nice oozey yolk.

The premium iced teas - I had the strawberry iced tea which had a light hint of strawberry. The sugar syrup is served separately, so you can get more control on the exact sweetness you like.

Definitely a great place to hang out for a slow leisurely breakfast if you're looking for a budget friendly alternative to Macs.

I was so happy with breakfast, I came back to have hotdogs for lunch :D

1 Harbourfront Walk
#B2-40/41 VivoCity
Other branches are at 313 Somerset, White Sands, and Downtown East


Anonymous said...

hi, u claimed it's budget friendly, but didn't mention the price.. does superdog sell only the pancakes? how many pieces per meal? and do u mean 1 piece pancake with chocolate chip + another piece banana filling or only a single pancake with 1 chocolate chip and banana together? sorry for asking so many qns.. want to clarify before deciding whether to give it a try.. thanks..

dot said...

I didn't know they had breakfast! and by the sounds of it, pretty good to boot!

Cavalock said...

Coffe Bean has one-for-one breakfast deals that r worth checking out

Miso said...

I had a good breakfast at Superdog too! Think their pancakes are better than Mac... :)