Thursday, July 1, 2010

Bunalun Brunch

Ah I have been neglecting my blog yet again, but then I'm so tired of typing and at the end of the day I just want to let my brain soggify. Another random thing (I'm very tired but trying not to sleep yet cos it's only 9pm!) - I'm convinced that after my super oily lunch today I am going to get a heart attack at a later point of my life. And not to mention my unhealthy lifestyle since I've started work x2mths ago!!

I have a nice brunch place to share today - it's tucked away in Chip Bee (opposite the more happening Holland V). It's a half cafe and half organic food store (a bit like Le Bon Marche) and it has lots of expensive organic fruit, organic tea, breakfast bars, oats etc etc (organic nearly everything).
My breakfast of scrambled eggs ( I can't remember if they're organic or not, but it costs about $16-$18?) which came with freshly toasted bread (I think it's brioche, but its not as nice as Wild Honey's) and a side of salad. I think the eggs are described in a more appealing way in the menu, but it's actually a very simple dish... I won't eat this again but I'll eat the other things we ordered. One of my favourites - 2 poached eggs on their breakfast muffins with pecorino cheese (or was it gorgonzola?) Ok I cannot remember because I didn't blog about it earlier, but it's a very sharp cheese and extremely tasty. Comes with a side salad too. The muffins were slightly moist, and not as airy as those you find at Mac's (btw, I have been eating Macs lots cos there's one at my workplace!! Never ate so much Macs in such a short time, and I've been happily chomping away on the deluxe breakfast whenever we can escape down to buy it before 11am!). The melted cheese on top makes the muffins incredibly tasty, and when the golden egg yolk bursts and runs over the muffin... ah the taste is just so yummy I am getting very hungry even though I ate alot just now! *satisfied sigh!*The above dish is this queer dish called fish cake. It's totally different from the fish cakes we usually get in the market, but instead, it's a weirdo texture and queer tasting battered and deep fried flaked fish patties. Weird tasting fish patties - at least they use real fish cos we can see the fish fibres... But I don't think I'll be wanting to try this dish again in the future...
Their pancakes here are fabulous. I'm very fussy about my pancakes cos they can't taste too cakey and personally, I like the Macs ones lots. I don't like those uber thick and floury kind. (Btw, I have found a very good pancake mix from a Japanese brand! I have to go and get another packet asap to satisfy my pancake craving!)
The blueberry pancakes at Bunalun are delicious. Huge (and I suppose organic?) blueberries which are so plump and juicy embedded into fluffy pancakes - even though they lack that nice even golden colour that the Macdonald's pancakes have, they're still delicious. And they're served with some blueberry sauce, (non-existent) maple syrup (I really don't know where the maple syrup went, I am quite positive it says maple syrup in the menu), and a side of fresh organic fruit salad (we had purple dragon fruit, papaya and apple).
If I come back, I am going to get the pancakes and the muffins. But the pancakes are my fave. It's about $15 or $16 if I'm not wrong.
We requested for butter and whipped cream, which they served.
My lemongrass and mint (I think) tea, which costs around $6++ but they give free refills and quite a bit of tea leaves. I think I refilled it at least 3-4 times, and yet my tea on the last refill still had quite a strong flavour.
Bunalun only has a bar top counter, so it's not a kid friendly place. It's super good to chill and chit chat and to spend a nice Sunday lazing around there. Plus, their brunch lasts all the way until 2plus/3plus (not too sure on the timing), which is fantastic for late risers like me :) They serve tap water too, so that's another plus :D
*urgh blogger isn't letting me upload my stars.. I'll give it 4/5 stars... when blogger lets me upload my star picture...
I think it's really nice to live in one of those terrace houses in Jalan Merah Saga cos you can just walk over to the 24hr Cold Storage anytime, and you'll be next to the new MRT circle line! Plus, there's so much food to eat around Holland V. But then again, parking your car will be so troublesome, and when you have a house party, all your friends will have huge problems parking... But the idea of walking over to somewhere in Chip Bee/Holland V for brunch every weekend is extremely appealing!
43 Jalan Merah Saga
#01-70 Chip Bee Gardens
Tel: +65 6479 2598


ice said...

The pancakes look delicious! I like my pancakes like that too, not to cakey, like Macs' ones.

I've been here many times to buy their organic products but have never dined in.

Cavalock said...

it all looks good except for the location! <^;^>