Sunday, June 27, 2010

Bosses Revisited

I used to be an ardent fan of Bosses tea time special at Vivocity, but 3 years down the road, I now think that the quality of their dim sum has dropped. So has their service.The har gau is lacklustre. Their limp dull skins is a stark contrast to what I've remembered it to be. No more nice translucent, thin glossy skins. Filling is ok - very average and nothing that can beat Crystal Jade. Their special Queen Siew Mai (or something like that) which a soggy prawn glazed in some starch based sauce. Nothing to rave about either - Crystal Jade is better...
Gyoza - acceptable but nothing to rave about again. Generous portion of meaty filling, seasoned with chives. Gyoza skin was not bad, neither too thick nor too thin and this was probably one of the better dishes that day.
Xiao Long Pau - very average with your usual spurt of soup.
The flowing custard bun which I liked so much the last time isn't half as nice as I'd remembered it to be. The skin is a bit too thin, and the whole thing just deflated even before I had a chance to bite in. The custard isn't as thick and creamy, and was more like a watery yellow puddle rather than a delicious spurt of salty and creamy goodness. Plus the flimsy skin didn't help as the pau became a soggy mess.

Prawn and Mango Roll - nothing to rave about again...
Wasabi mayo and century egg roll - this was very disagreeable and we didn't finish it. Wasabi mayo (copious amounts of it) slathered on century egg, with a piece of parsley and some cucumber wrapped in a smooth white skin. The wasabi mayo packed into each parcel was just too much and too overwhelming. Didn't finish this dish.
Char siew pau - acceptable but nothing to rave about again... Bosses really needs to try harder. I think that there's just a super long queue cos it's 30% off, but keep in mind that to begin with, the prices are already high. I think that Crystal Jade can beat it hands down... I'd rather go to Crystal Jade for their efficient service, and at least Crystal Jade serves drinks - there's alot of annoying restrictions during the 30% off 'special' like no free tap water, cannot take away (even though we paid for the service charge already! They refused to let us take away our pau and said we will be charged full price for it even though we finished 2/3 pieces).

Forget the gimmicky 30% off - the standard has plunged horrendously and I am very ashamed to say that I actually raved about and very highly recommended this place previously. I'll take back all my praises for Bosses - there's no use paying for pseudo-cheap dim sum when it's actually expensive to begin with, and of very low quality.

I think I'm better off at Crystal Jade. I've just eaten dim sum at Peach Garden - I still think that Crystal Jade has one of the better and affordable dim sums around... My current fave is still Peach Blossom at Marina Mandarin, but prices are too steep for me to patronise it on a regular basis.

No1 Harbour Front Walk
#02-156 Vivocity
Tel 63769740

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