Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Bosses - Vivocity 2

It's such a wonderful (cheap) thrill getting stuff on a bargain - It really puts me in the mood for Great Singapore Sale.

For that cheap thrill, we ventured into Vivocity (which by the way, is infested with kids now).
We went to Bosses for their 2.30 - 5pm half price tea time special. They've changed the time since my last visit there. They don't serve water (I don't mind as long as it's half price, but I do if it's full price). Instead, they want you to drink their speciality teas which come in very nice but unpractical teacups and glass teapot. The cups are really hot when you pour the tea in and you must wait for a substantial amount of time before it cools. We tried the Dragon Pearl Tea (cos it sounded nice) ($4) with unlimited refill.My favourite signature custard buns with salted egg ($2.40, prices here after the discount)Be careful if it's your first time eating it - the molten cholesterol will spurt out if you take a big bite. The bread is soft and fluffy, and the custard is runny, and the sweet custard and salty egg yolk is fantastic.Prawn Ball with Goose Liver ($4)
The prawn has been minced, and is juicy and fresh. But you'll have to go through alot of prawn to get to the little morsel of goose liver.
Ah here it is. It's a very small piece (compared to the ball) of goose liver and it's tinged yellow, i suppose because of fatty liver degeneration?
Har Gau (Shrimp Dumpling) ($2.25) The skin was nice and thin, and it had alot of prawn inside. Yum!
Sticky Rice Shu Mai ($2.40)
It's a nice change from the usual siew mai (but I prefer the normal one). The glutinous rice is very oily, and there is laap cheong (sausage) inside.We were being adventurous and tried the Green Tea Xiao Long Pau ($3)
The meat isn't too fatty (which I don't like) and it didn't have that very yucky aftertaste.
The skin was thin, yet it wasn't dry, and none of the xiaolongpaus burst when we were trying to pull them out.One of the dishes that I really enjoyed was the Shrimp and Bean Curd Rice Roll (Chee Cheong Fun) ($3.25). The skin of the cheecheongfun was smooth and soft, and inside there was a crispy deep fried beancurd skin wrapped around a juicy prawn. It's very unique.

Desserts were the Red Bean and Banana Souffle ($3). Tastes like the Crystal Jade one.Fluffly souffle and sticky red bean filling.The art of eating Souffle - don't breath out whe you're eating it.

Mango Pomelo Sago Cream with Palm Fruit (attap chee) ($2.25)
I love this dessert, but today, it wasn't chilled well when they served it.
The mango is really fragrant and the soup bit is creamy.
My new favourite dessert - Almond Beancurd with Palm Fruit ($2.25)
This has to be one of the best almond beancurd that I've tried. Most places have almond beancurd which is a cross between beancurd and jelly. But this is really the almond beancurd. The texture is exactly like bean curd, a bit like pudding and the almond taste is very rich. Its topped with coconut cream.
Our total bill (including Peanuts ($3.80 so super ex!!!!!)) and towels and taxes was $40.95.
I guess this is a place that I will visit during the 50% off tea time special, cos I really can't imagine myself paying $8 for the Goose Liver Prawn Ball and the tiny liver (its like finding a needle in the haystack).

No1 Harbour Front Walk
#02-156 Vivocity
Tel 63769740


red fir said...

yeah..dint even get to taste the custard in the custard buns the last time i had it...coz they splurted out all on the table when i bit into it!

& that happened to all 3 that i tried to eat!! >.<

m said...

haha they should have a warning sign saying that it's hot and spurts! it's very hot - don't want more people to get scalded!