Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Mont Blanc - Canele

Sorry for the lack of posts - I haven't been trying any new places recently

I tried the Mont blanc Crepe at Canele. It's Chestnut Ice Cream with Raspberry Sauce and Vanilla Cream.
The chestnut ice cream didn't agree with my palate at all. Firstly, it was already semi-melted when served - the outside was all soft and melted and I hate melted ice cream. Secondly, the ice cream itself had a weird pastey consistency - it was very powedery and sticky, as if there was way too much chestnut puree inside. I suppose that it's good quality since chestnut puree is expensive? I also thought that the raspberry sauce didnt complement the chestnut taste - it's just a very weird taste combination.
Sad to say, the only part of the crepe that I enjoyed was the crep itself.
This is why I am so un-adventurous whenever I find a place with dishes I like - I usually just stick to the dish that I ate on my first visit.
$14.50 down the drain.

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