Thursday, June 14, 2007

Le Royale - Canele

I actually ate this the same day tt I tried the crepe, just that I had forgotten the name until Meichin told me. It's called teh Le Royale and it's a chocolate slice from Canele.
There's a layer of powdered coco, and then a layer of crunchy corn flakes and a thick layer of chocolate mousse, and some cake base.

The mousse layer is not too heavy, and it it's like a priceier version of the Sweet Secrets chocolate cake. (Sweet Secrets in Holland V closed down! I don't know where to go now)
. For the chocolate fans, you'll prob like this, but I would prefer to order something more unique like the L'amour tart which has rose petal sauce.

Le Royale costs $6.50.

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