Thursday, June 21, 2007

Red Tea Jelly

Food Trail #9 - Red Tea Jelly Found this very unique and delicious dessert at Changi Village - I haven't seen it anywhere else before (maybe I'm blind) but it's superbly delicious. It beats Ice Cocktail Jelly, Nata de Coco and all the other jellies hands down.
Essentially, it's red tea jelly with longans and ice, and lots of evaporated milk.

The best part of it, of course, is the Red Tea Jelly, which is very fragrant and has a pleasant tea taste (but not too strong). It has a texture somewhat like Konnyaku jelly, but tastes of tea, and is red. At first glance, most people will think that it's like bandung (rose) but then it's not. It merely looks like bandung cos of the red colouring, but when you eat it, there is a vague tea taste.

The jelly is imported from Taiwan, and the store does catering for parties (though I'm not sure what exactly the arrangement is like). Apparently, the red tea jelly is a favourite amongst NS guys and you can call in to pre-order at 65457845.
If you want to take away, and live very far (like me) you can tell the aunty there and she will be more than happy to give you coarser ice (more milk too) and my desserts lasted all the way till i got home, with extra ice to spare.

They also have this very intersting Avocado dessert, which I only saw when I was about to leave - I will definately be looking forward to trying this next time :D

This brings my very happy and FULLfilling food trail to an end.

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