Sunday, June 10, 2007


Complimentary starter of marinated red peppers, cucumber and olives. It's vinegared and very sour.
Dough (doogh) ($5++) is a traditional Persian drink which is made from yoghurt, water (or soda) and spices such as mint. It's a thin, sour drink and it's supposed to wash down the meal.
Iranian flatbread - with black sesame seeds. I think it's called the Sangak (at least, the description in wikipedia matches it). "Sangak is a plain, rectangular or triangular, blanket-like Persian flatbread. 'Sang' in Persian means stone or pebble and sangak means related to sang. This bread is traditionally baked on river stones (hence the name), and is occasionally topped with sesame seeds. (
The Appetiser was the Chef Signature Platter($23++), which consisted of 4 different appetisers -
Kufteh-ye-anar-o Pesteh: a round ball of minced lamb meat drizzeled with pomegranade sauce and topped with pistachio nuts.
Kashk-e-bademajan: roasted sliced eggplant with "Kash" sun dried youghurt, mint and fried onion.
Borani-esfanaj-a: a smooth blend of sauteed spinach ith onion, youghurt and garlic.
The last appetiser was an eggplant dish with minced lamb and youghurt but I didn't take down the name (which I cant pronounce, much more spell).
Shiraz specialises in Kebabs, and their food is halal. They have lots of lamb dishes, as well as vegetarian options. They also have rice dishes and stews, but the kebabs are highly recommended.
Boneless chicken leg kebab ($28) the chicken is tender and juicy, unlike some restaurants where the chicken is overcooked, dry and hard. The portions are generous, and each main course is served with a roasted tomato, fluffy rice drizzled with saffron and a salad. There is also a rice cake which is orange in colour - it's crispy on the outside and the rice is like the kind that you find at the bottom of the claypot.Darya Fish Kebab ($28++) - the fish is soft and flaky, but it was a bit too salty for my liking.
This was my favourite dish - the Soltani Lamb Kebab ($38++), which had lamb fillet as well as minced lamb. The lamb was well marinated, and the meat was soft and juicy, and done just right. I prefered the minced lamb kebab (on top) as it was softer and tastier than the lamb fillet.

Dessert was Sholeh-Zard ($9++), which is a traditional persian rice pudding, with saffron, rose water and cinnamon, topped with pistachios. It's served cold and is very refreshing.
This place is pretty pricey, dinner was $150+ altogether, for 3 people, so reserve this for special occasions (or bring your parents). The restaurant is decorated with persian lamps, rugs etc and they have efficient service.

3A River Valley Road
Clarke Quay
#01-06 Merchant's Court
Tel 63342282

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