Thursday, June 21, 2007

Essential Brew

This is a preview of where fish is gg to have her bday (don't worry fish it's different dishes) - it's this restaurant in Holland V called Essential Brew which specialiese in Tea-related things. Fruity Sensation $5.25 - this is apple tea with milk, and with chunks of pineapple, strawberries and peaches (I think). It's rather on the thin side, and the tea is somewhat weak and doesn't come through the milk well. I was eyeing the drink called Oosh, which is Green tea, milk and oats but then since all the drinks are more than 5 bucks, I was feeling poor and giam so I passed.
Appetiser was a Green Tea Prawn Salad ($9.95) which consisted of prawns dressed in Green Tea Mayonnaise and salad. I must say that green tea mayonnaise tastes much better than the usual wasabi mayo that you find in most restaurants. The prawns are fresh and juicy, and the batter tastes good.
Jasmine Cod Fillet ($20.90) which was cod marinated in jasmine and served with jasmine rice and a side salad. This comes with brown pepper sauce.
The cod is soft and flaky, and slightly oily (fish oils). The jasmine rice is Essential Brew's speciality - rice cooked with jasmine leaves and it's topped with this slightly sweet jasmine sauce.
I tried the Jasmine Caper Salmon ($15.95). It's salmon grilled with jasmine, and served with caper sauce, which is slightly sour and creamy. However, I thought my salmon was a little overcooked and hard, but the sauce was good.

Essential Brew
269 Holland Avenue
Holland Village
Tel 64676717

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