Friday, June 15, 2007

Chinese Fish Head Curry - Kinta Rd

After being overcharged by Muthu's Fish Head Curry (exorbitant prices, not serving water and charging for small bottles of mineral water, tiny portions for big prices and not fresh fish), my family has since sworn off fish head curry. Instead, we make it ourselves - fish heads are really cheap, $12 can get you a large fish head.

I was pleasantly suprised today when I went to Kinta Road to try this chinese fish head curry - first since a long long long time.
Assam Fish Head Curry - $30 for a portion for 4 people

The fish is fresh, curry not too salty, and the curry has lots of ladysfingers in it.
It's not spicy (but a bit spicy for me) and they give free curry top up if you ask. They also serve fried crackers to dip into the curry.
The service is friendly and efficient, and the place is airconed (last time it wasn't) and the food arrives quite quickly.
(I'm not sure of the name of the restaurant, if anyone knows, please tell me! Thanks)

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