Sunday, June 17, 2007

Avocado Milkshake

According to Wikipedia, "The word "avocado" comes from the Spanish word aguacate, which derives in turn from the Nahuatl (Aztec) word ahuacatl, meaning testicle, because of its shape."
I love eating avocados with my sushi (think California Rolls, and the Phoenix Roll from Sushi Tei) cos it's very creamy, and it taste very good with smoked salmon sandwiches and salads (tofu Avocado Salads). My favourite way of eating the avocado is drinking it in milkshake form.

Whenever I go to Queensway, I will have this irresistible urge to cross over to Alexander Village Food Center to get myself a cup of Avocado Milkshake. This $2 delight is my favourite avocado milkshake (compared to the $5.50 Avocado Milkshake from Thai Express, Avocado Desserts from Pho Hua, Sanaur, Kartrika, the $5 avocado milkshake from the very expensive library cafe in Esplanade, NUS Science Canteen) and it wins hands down.

It's served in a very intimidating tall cup (it's quite alot to drink) and has this weird shade of green that puts many people off but it's really really very nice! For $2, you're getting nearly 1.5X more than what you will get at Thai Express. Forget that $5.50(excluding service charge and taxes) and instead come and get a better quality and quantity.It's very thick, creamy and not too sweet. Great for a hot day after shopping in Queensway. The stall also serves Avocado Milkshake with Chocolate, and for those tiring days in AH, you can even get a pick-me-up Avocado Milkshake and Whisky.
Next time you go to Queensway, do save some stomach space for this very delicious avocado milkshake.

Seng Hong Fruit Juice and Sugar Cane Juice
*Note that there are 2 avocado stalls on the same row. One is called "Mr Avocado" and it's the first avocado stall to be set up, but I prefer this one cos the milkshake isn't overly sweet.

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