Thursday, June 21, 2007

Bedok Cheng Tng

Food Trail #5 - Bedok Road Cheng Tng - last stop before rest time
Hot, cold and takeaway cheng teng costs the same - all $2
Though slightly pricier than usual cheng tngs, it's worth the $2 cos this is the most generous helping of the brown cheng tng jelly thing. There's really alot of the brown stuff and these are in clumps and not in little broken bits.
The cheng tng is different from the usual because there are mung beans inside (the stuff that makes tau suan) This gives you someting to chew on, and there are also wintermelon strips.
Dried persimmon for flavour, and a little strip of winter melon.

They don't charge extra for take-away, and they use ice cubes instead of shaved ice.

When we where there, there were 2 people enquiring about filming the stall for some show. I think if it weren't so far away, I'd be very happy to patronize it regularly. That's the owner in the hawaiian shirt.

Bedok Road Food Center, located along bedok road, opposite Fairmount Condo

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