Monday, June 18, 2007

Lee Do Hockchew Restaurant

I don't quite like eating Chinese Food (unless it's dian xin) but since it was for Father's Day Dinner, we ate at this Hockchew restaurant all the way in Ubi.
I supposed "Hockchew" means Hokkien+Teochew but then I have no idea how come they have Fuzhou fishballs and Fuzhou vegetables. Is Fuzhou Hokkien or Teochew food? Help! I'm confused.
Nevermind if it's Hockchew Fuzhou or whatever, it's whether it tastes good that matters, so onto more pressing matters...
The speciality and the must-try dish here is the Teochew Cold Crab. They have it in Small, Large and Double Shell (which is where they grab and cook the crab just before it moults, so you don't have such a hard time peeling the shell). The price for normal crab is about $4 plus per 100g, but I have no idea how much the crab costs (cos I didn't pay the bill - ignorance is bliss).The crabs are full of meat and very delicious cos it's cold and the flesh is firm. It's very different from the normal kind of 'hot' crabs in that the meat is much firmer and there's this yellow pus-like thing on all the crabs, but I have no idea what it is. It tastes a bit like egg white to me, so I guess it's probably something that's full of cholesterol.Mmm the body is really nice to eat! The pincers are the last to get wiped out - the body goes first when my family eats.
Next up is the Fuzhou Fishball soup. The fishballs aren't as bouncy as the commercial ones, and they have more fish than flour in them. The fishballs are filled with minced pork.
Fishballs aren't my most favourite food though.
Hmm I just checked Wikipedia, actually, Chaozhou (Teochew) is very near Fuzhou, but I'm not sure if Fuzhou Fishballs are Teochew.

Honey Pork Ribs with a tangy sauce.The ribs are really good, not too soft and soggy like the kind that just falls off the bone, so they are nice, juicy and firm when you bite down into each piece, yet they're not tough and fibrous.
Red Wine Chicken - An acquired taste I think cos my brother hates it. The sauce is quite thick and reminds me of the red yong tau foo sauce, but it's supposed to be red wine. It's supposed to be their speciality but I thought that the chicken meat was a bit too tough and it's quite hard to eat cos it's all drenched in sauce (be weary of splattering) and since it was camouflaged in the sauce it's hard to see the bones properly.

Claypot BeancurdNothing very fantastic about this dish, the beancurd tasted like normal beancurd.
Fuzhou Steamed White Cabbage. One of my more favourite dishes. The sauce has a orangish tinge, and it has lots of dried scallops which makes the sauce slightly sweet. The cabbage is steamed till it's soft, and it's really tasty cos of the sauce.
Dessert was Red Bean Pancake ($8) which was big and impressive, topped with a good handful of sesame seeds and the pastry was flaky on the outside. I would say that this was good, but it didn't beat the one I ate at the Zha Jiang Mian Restaurant.The red bean paste was slightly chunky, and neither oily nor too sweet.

Lee Do Restaurant
Automobile Megamart
61 Ubi Ave. 2
Singapore6742 2181

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