Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Bedok Bak Chor Mee

After not being able to eat the bakchormee on monday, I made another trip back to Bedok for the highly recommended noodles.
I never knew that bakchormee came in soup (till now) and I always thought that it came with mushrooms and liver and vinegar and this is the first time I'm trying the soup version.
There were 2 stores with red signboard on the first row, and they were side by side. Both had lots of news paper cuttings, articles and signs decorating the front, and we didn't know which was the better one.
So to save us the trouble deciding (or ending up eating the wrong one after I made such a long trip dow to Bedok) we ate both (of course we shared 2 bowls with 2 ppl and it was $2 each bowl and both in soup form for comparison.)
Hmm I just realised that I forgot to take the store name down! :( nevermind, since everyone seems to know where the famous bedok bakchormee is it doesn't matter! There are 2 stores with red signboards next to each other, one is the 2nd store from the right corner (we shall call it the LeftSideStore) and the other one is the cornerstore (this will be called RightSideStore).
We tried the noodles from the LeftSideStore first - there were a few lumps of lard floating in the soup, and 4 pork balls. The bakchor is actually at the bottom, covered up by the noodles. Compared to the RightSideStore, the soup is much saltier and I don't like the lard balls staring into my face when I'm eating the noodles.
According to Mr Kompetitive, the LeftSideStore is the more famous store, but then it doesn't have the bakchormee in dry form, so that's why people go to the RightSideStore.

RightSide Store had about the same type of noodles, and nearly the exact same look and number of balls as LeftSideStore but then there weren't humongous pieces of lard floating about. Instead, the lard has been finely chopped, and there is also fried onion together with the bakchor. The soup has a slightly sweeter taste, and of course, a bit of fried onion taste too. There are little lard bits which is too difficult to remove.

I quite prefer the RightSideStore soup, but I guess I would probably go for the dry version the next time, and it'll save me the trouble deciding. If you're going for soup, there isn't much difference, except if you like your soup either salty or sweet (like popcorn). Salty is Left and Sweet is Right (there is a L in salty)
StumpyTailCat near the carpark

Bedok BakChorMee is located at Bedok Ave 4 on the first row of stalls facing the road.

Carpark is very small and crowded.

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Anonymous said...

anna here...wm ordered from the stall with the purple bowls & dry noodles (Right side)...i think the one from the right stall looks nicer...soup was nice too when i tried it...