Friday, June 15, 2007

MOF My Izakaya

This is my cheaper (but not compromising in quality) alternative to Azabu Sabo, which is rather pricey. Azabu Sabo has increased their prices (and widened their menu) since they've opened, and I hate having to feel the pinch after enjoying a very good meal. So I have found a replacement:

MOF (Ministry of Food) My Izakaya (which means restaurant/ pub)Tempura Don ($9.80++)It comes with 2 fresh, good sized prawns, a large chunk of capsicum, mushroom, eggplant and sweetpotato. The tempura dipping sauce is served separately (unlike some restaurants which are stingy and serve it drizzled over the tempura, making it soggy).
Cold Seafood Ramen ($9.80++)
I love eating cold ramen - it's an interesting change from the usual hot noodles, and yet not as plain as cold soba. It's topped with almonds and lettuce, and cucumbers and tomatoes. The prawns are fantastically juicy (like Crystal Jade Prawns) and there are squid and scallops. It's served with a creamy wasabi sauce.

Now onto my fave part - Desserts :D

My Izakaya specializes in Imo (sweet potato) and Nagaimo (yam) desserts. It's usually a swirl of soft serve icecream, 2 pieces of either Imo, Nagaimo or both, red beans and sauce (green tea, strawberry, black sesame etc). You have the option of topping up $1 for 5 pieces of mochi (glutinous rice balls) or $2.50 for a scoop of gelato from Japan.

The katan jelly comes with a pot of brown syrup, which is made from prunes and black dates and brown sugar. You're supposed to finish the sweet fruits and ice cream first, then pour the sauce over the katan jelly. Don't worry if you don't know how to eat it, cos they give these little bookmarks to tell you precisely what you're eating, and how to eat it the traditional way.
The sweet potato is deep fried with a crispy batter, and is hot and soft, and delicious when you eat it together with the ice cream. I personally prefer the sweet potato to the yam, as the former has a softer, less powdery texture, and of course, is sweeter.

The green tea costs $0.80 per cup, and is free flow.

6 Raffles Boulevard

#02-128 E Marina Square

Telephone: (65) 6334 2202

Fax: (65) 6543 4880

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